Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bed Rest Day 2

The sun is shining outside my window and I am still pregnant! It is a great Tuesday! I have a wonderful nurse who has helped me get cleaned up a little and allowed me to have a popsicle and Italian ice! She just finished giving me my second steroid shot. 24 hours from now we will have achieved our first goal of getting the steroids fully on board. I spoke with Dr burrows today. I guess yesterday was a bit more intense than I thought. I had my mag cranked way up and was still contracting regularly. Today the mag is at a 2,5 and I may have 1 contraction an hour. They are going to try to dial down the magnesium and observe how my body reacts. Hopefully the contractions will remain at bay and the bleeding will stay away. If all goes well I will get to take a shower tomorrow! On Thursday we will probably get to tour the nicu. It is a level 3 which is the best we can get. Each baby also gets their own room which is really nice for bonding. The best part is that Logan will get to visit the nicu if his brother ends up there. So for right now we are just hanging in there and praying for the best. It doesn't sound like I will be going home any time soon. Kasey is slowly bringing things from home to make me feel more comfortable. Our cell phones work in the hospital but if you are having trouble reaching us we are at Overland Park Regional room #3421. Thank you for all of the love!

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  1. You're lucky to have the sun shining, it is overcast in IL. Sounds like you've had a good day thusfar. Easton is still comfy, a great nurse, frozen treats, a little freshening up, less magnesium and a lot less contractions. It's so good to hear you are in good hands. Love you lots and thanks for keeping us up to date.