Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Tour of My Brother's Logan

Hey everyone!  Remember me, the original star of this blog?!?  Well, I have a new little brother, Chips, or as my parents like to call him, Easton.  I have been quite a sport about going to see him everyday for the last 3 weeks.  I don't mind it too much because we get to drive by some sweet construction on the way to the hospital!  While we are there I play on my mom's new phone or my leap pad.  Sometimes I use E's baby wipes to clean up his room.  Today, I thought I would give you a tour of my brother's world. 

The first thing we do when we get to the NICU is "scrub in" which basically means I get to use a gob of hand sanitizer!  Then we check out who E's nurse is.  Sometimes they are cool and wear neat shoes.  Other times they are a bit much but as long as they take care of my brother they're alright in my book.

 Here is my mom.  Notice how she has her arms crossed in both pictures?  She means business when we go to visit Easton.  That or she is freezing because his room is usually set to 72 degrees (don't worry, mom takes care of that too).  Now wonder E is haven't trouble escaping his box!

Speaking of his it is!  The deluxe Giraffe model!  You should see this thing!  I have got to press the pedals to make it go up and down!  Plus it has a convertible top!  This kid doesn't know how great he has it!

Here is Easton's monitor.  He wears a bunch of wires that let us know that he is okay.  The blue number is his heart rate.  That is what he usually drops during or after feedings.  The doctors and nurses tell my parents that it is no big deal and he will outgrow it.  I hope he does soon so he can come home with us.  I have lots of trucks I need to show him!  The green number is his respiration.  No one really worries too much about that one.  The purple number is his oxygen saturation.  I really don't like it when a box pops up on the screen.  That means another baby is in trouble.

Here is Nurse Practitioner T coming to check on my brother.  He is really nice.

This is where we throw away E's gross diapers.  I am really helpful at getting mommy the diaper and wipes but I do not want anything to do with the poopy diaper...GROSS!

Here is baby Easton.  He really should work on not burrying his face in his gel pillow.  From one preemie to another: it is easier to breath when you are NOT doing that!

So there you have it folks!  My brother's world according to ME!  I think I may have a career in photography...that is if I don't decide to drive a monster truck, garbage truck, semi, car transporter, race car, motorcycle...

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