Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 3 Bed Rest update

Last night I was able to get some sleep with minimal interruptions! I spoke with Dr. Owens this morning and he ordered my magnesium to be discontinued at 1pm. At this time they will remove most of my restrictions. I will be able to eat, use the bathroom, and maybe even shower tonight! He also ordered some blood to be available if we need it at any point. He didn't think we would but he was just being safe given the placenta previa. Hopefully when the mag goes off I will have a quiet uterus and be able to hold Mr. Easton in my belly for many more days! Kasey went to work today and Logan is busy playing with his B! Last night Logan seemed more comfortable visiting me. He is still a bit wigged out by my IV. He loved riding up and down on my bed. We watched movies from the library and did sticker art provided by one of my amazing kindergarten teammates! By the end he was asking if he could sleep here with me. I miss him like crazy! I have a feeling that this will be the toughest part of hospital bed rest. I am so lucky that his B is so wonderful with him, I know he is having a blast, and hopefully in a a while we will be together again, happy and healthy!


  1. Thinking of you as you are adjusting to not having the magnesium. Glad to hear you were able to get some rest and will be able to eat something of substance. Have a good visit with Logan and B.
    Love you,

  2. Good to hear Mr. E is still hanging in mommy's belly!! So are you having a C-Section then??? I've had 3 so if you ever have any questions or want any advice I'm an old pro at this point:)
    G is busy making cards for you:) He is very concerned about you and your baby!! So cute! Let us know your room number and maybe we can send them your way:)
    Hope all is well lil mama!

  3. I like the name Easton! I am glad you're not naming him Bud lol (Bud Weishaar)
    Thomas is also making get well cards for you and Easton. He is sad he won't get to see you at Graduation but he's happy you are being taken care of.
    We are praying for and thinking of you!