Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Delivery and After

Baby Easton came into the world at 11:29am weighing 4lbs. 1 ounce and was 15 3/4in long. The delivery was nothing like the Baby Story on TLC. Sara received a spinal and was very calm when I entered the room. The doctors were in their final preparations and soon the blue curtain went up. After some time getting through the scar tissue from Sara's first C-section everything went quickly. Sara and I talked throughout about how crazy this whole thing had been and what Logan would think of his big brother. Doctor Owens and Doctor Suleman bantered back and fourth throughout and soon after a few tugs, let us know the head was out. I tried to peak over the curtain but quickly sat back down as all I caught was a pool of blood. Soon Dr Schooly, the neonatologist, swooped in and grabbed Easton from the doctors. He cried and cried as she wrapped him in a blanket. She quickly came back around the curtain to show Sara and I our new baby boy. The nurse let me know I could go over and take pictures as they worked to make sure Easton was doing good. The nurses all were commenting on how great he looked and what a great crier he was being. I followed the nurses over to the elevator which took us up to the NICU. Before we left, Dr. Schooly took Easton to Sara so she could see him one more time and let her give him a kiss. I headed up to Easton's new room where many nurses gathered around to check on him. He did a wonderful job crying and his levels were great. I stayed with him for 30 minutes as they assessed him and reassured me he was doing great.

Unknown to me at that time, Sara was battling. They has warned us before taking us to surgery that because Sara had a placenta previa there was a chance of something known as an accreta. This is where the placenta actually attaches to the middle layer of the uterine wall. This is serious and can lead to lots of bleeding and a potential hysterectomy.  They had predicted that in the rare case that I did have this accreta that it would have attached to my previous section scar.  When they started to remove the placenta they realized that it had adhered to the back of my uterine wall.  The doctors worked for nearly 2 hours to remove the placenta and try to save my uterus.  I was in and out of consciousness as I lost 2700 ccs of blood.  A routine c-section looses at most 700 ccs.  I received 2 units of blood in the OR which helped my regain consciousness.  I ended up getting sick a few times.  It was a very scary ordeal and I was happy to get wheeled in to see Kasey at 1:40. 

After talking with the doctors we realize just how lucky we were to get into surgery when we did.  If we had waited things could have gone way worse for both Easton and myself.  Today I received another 2 units of blood to help level out my H&H and also help my body recover quicker.  I have had all of my tubes and wires removed, taken a shower, and been up to see my baby a few times! 

Easton did great right of the bat!  His Apgar scores were 8-9-9, which is what some full term babies score!  He didn't need any oxygen support for the first hour and a half.  After they did a blood gas they realized that he had elevated CO2 levels and decided to do a chest x-ray.  They discovered a minor case of respiratory distress syndrome (RDS).  They gave him surfactant to help expand his bronchi.  They placed him on a CPAP to deliver pressure into his nose and help his respiration rate.  Today they did another blood gas level that showed that he had improved a good deal.  They dropped him down on his CPAP level and then tonight changed him to a nasal cannula!  It is so nice to see his sweet little face again!  He had many visitors toay, one of mommy's teacher friends and her daughter, Great Grandma Betty, Great Aunt Imogene, Uncle Jamie, Grandma B, and of course, his BIG brother!  Logan is just too cute about his baby Easton!  He talks so sweetly to him and convinced one of my nurses to give him a big brother band so he could be like mommy and daddy!  Tonight Kasey and I got to pick him up while his bedding was changed.  I have gotten to change two diapers!  Easton has lost a little bit of weight which is normal for any full term baby, and even more normal for a preemie who hasn't started eating yet!  He should begin getting small feedings through his feeding tube tomorrow.  Tonight he measured 17 inches long, which seems more accurate than his birth length.  In about an hour I am going to get my snuggle on for a bit!!

Thank you for all of your continuous love and support!  We know that we are in for the ups and downs of NICU life but with friend and family's kind thoughts, words, and gestures we know we will get through it!  xoxo!

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  1. I feel truly blessed that things went the way they did. The thought of any other outcome is just unthinkable! My daughter is on her way to healing and my newest grandson is doing great; what a blessing. Rest up as much as you can, because once you're home with the boys there won't be much time for that. Give my youngest granson some love from his gramma and whisper in his ear that I am looking forward to meeting him.
    Love to all of you,