Thursday, May 17, 2012

This one is for my mom!!

After chatting with my mom the other day, I realized that I had not updated our blog in a while, OOPS!  So, this is my catch up edition!  Easton has been progressing nicely.  We have established a pretty nice routine around here and things seem to be falling into place.  Grandma B, Logan and I go see E at 11:00 for his hands on time.  Logan keeps asking if he can hold Baby Easton and I have to let him down everyday by telling him not until Easton is in a big boy crib.  So, for now, he settles for lots of hugs, pats on his blanket and kisses on his hat!  
Then Kasey and I visit again at 8:00 for hands on time.  We change his diaper, take his temperature, change his clothes, and help weigh him.  We get to hold him as he has his feeding.  He is up to 39 mL (about and oz and 1/3) every 3 hours.  Easton has been having some "water loss stools" which is basically really watery poop.  The doctors think that it is just him getting used to his increased caloric fortifier and are not overly concerned.  They will continue to watch it and hopefully it will resolve on its own.  He did surprise me during yesterday's diaper change as he shot poop all over his blankets and isolette!  Logan thought it was hilarious!  I am not sure his nurse did.  He loves to stare at his daddy!  Daddy sings to him and we usually read him a couple of books.  

 He has mastered the art of sucking on his paci!  He will root around and suck, suck, suck!  He even holds onto it, it is so cute!  He is showing these signs of being ready to feed and TONIGHT for the first time I will get to try breastfeeding!  I am so excited!  Usually they don't let babies start trying to nurse until somewhere between 33 and 34 weeks and Easton won't be 33 weeks until tomorrow!  What a champ!  Fingers crossed he gets the hang of it really quickly!

As you can see Easton has no more oxygen!  He actually got it removed early Monday morning.  He has been doing great without it and even seems to be outgrowing his episodes of bradycardia (drops in his heart rate).
 You may also notice his adorable outfits!!  We have been able to dress him since Sunday.  He is wrapped in a blanket in his isolette.  They are slowly dropping the temperature inside his isolette to see if he is able to maintain his temperature.  So far he is doing well!  Currently his isolette is set at 29.7 degrees Celcius.  Once it gets to 27 degrees for 24 hours he will be moved to an open air bed.

The other day I saw one of the nurses we had last week.  She was commenting on his lack of oxygen and how cute he was in clothes.  I was telling her that we have been so blessed with how well he is doing but I couldn't help worrying and waiting for the other shoe to drop.  She just said, "I don't think you're going to get another shoe."  It made my day!  I really hope that she is right and that it will just be a couple more weeks until we can snuggle our precious boy all day everyday!

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful update. This is my lifeline to what my new grandson is doing. It is so great to read about all of his advances. I am so glad his Big Brother Logan is looking forward to snuggling him real soon. I hope my baby is taking extra special good care of herself. Love you loads