Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Whew....all done!

Where are we??

Ahh, it is all over!! Thank you so much for all of your thoughts and prayers, once again they did wonders! The staff at Children's was very caring and made this day much easier than I expected. Our nurse, Carol, instructed us to change him into his mini gown and slippy socks! Kasey and I both had a hard time talking to the anesthesiologists. It was hard hearing how they were going to give him a spinal anesthesia and breathing tube after what we went through in the NICU. Dr. Lingren spoke to us briefly and answered our questions.

At about 7:10 we gave hugs and kisses and the anesthesiologist walked him back to the OR. He was such a big boy, he didn't even fuss! Carol said that she would come to the waiting room and let us know when he was asleep. It seemed like forever but she finally came out around 7:35. He went to sleep with the breathing meds easily but they had a difficult time finding a vein because all of his good ones had been damaged from his NICU stay. In total I think we have counted five pokes! Thank goodness he was sleeping through that! Around 8:15, Dr. Lingren came out and told us the procedure was a success! It was such a relief to see him and hear that the worse part was over.

After about 10 minutes the nurse came to get us to bring us to recovery. He was very disoriented and crying big fat tears. He nursed right away but was a little gassy and uncomfortable. Finally around 9:00 he started coming out of it. We were discharged at 9:15. We have to treat the area with neosporin and soak him in the tub twice a day starting tomorrow. There is no bandage to deal with, thankfully! We will go back to see Dr. Lingren in 2-3 weeks to make sure everything is healing well. Kasey and I were both very nervous to change the first diaper but were pleasantly surprised to see minimal swelling, no blood, and that Dr. Lingren had done an amazing job!

Logan is doing amazingly well this afternoon! He currently is kicking and spitting (two of his favorite activities!). We just had friends come by and they couldn't believe how well he was doing! We sure do have one tough cookie! Thanks again, you guys are all wonderful!! xxoo!!

Logan in his gown
Just waiting...
It is amazing how big this band was compared to his first ID bands!
Logan's bed was labeled with this sign
Walking the halls with Daddy
Playing before surgery
Reading Mr. Brown with Daddy in recovery
Enjoying sugar water and "I Love You Stinky Face" in recovery
Finally! On my way home!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Surgery tomorrow

We got a call this morning from a nurse at Children's Memorial in Westchester, where Logan will be having his surgery. She was very nice and understanding! We will need to be there at 6:15 and Logan will be taken into surgery at 7:00a.m. The procedure should take 30-45 minutes and recovery is usually around an hour. The latest he can eat is 2:00a.m. so we will be waking him up for an early morning snack! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, we will be sure to update you as soon as we get home!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Another first and Eye Appointment Update

Yesterday Logan visited his first bar! We went to meet Papooli, Uncle Paul, and Great Uncle Gust after the Cubs game. Logan had a great time dancing and cruising around the beer garden. Of course he got a lot of attention from the ladies!
Today we visited Dr. Kipp's office. It has been six months since his ROP resolved itself and the doctor wanted to check to make sure his eyes were working together, that he could see and reach for objects, and that he had not lazy eye issues. We were happy to hear that despite his prematurity Logan's eyes look great! We don't need to go back until he is three!! Thank you for all of your thoughts and never stops amazing me how many people care about our little man! Now, we just need to get through Wednesday...I will post as soon as I know what time his surgery is scheduled for.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Presurgery Appointment

Today we saw Dr. Chris for Logan's presurgery physical. She is still blown away by how well he is doing considering how early he was born. She confirmed that his belly button is no longer herniated and that he just has an outie! She also told us that if our insurance will cover his synagis shots again this RSV season we should get them because his lungs are still immature. When she looked in his mouth she confirmed what we suspected...his top two teeth are on the verge of cutting through! We are going to start giving him a little bit of whole cow's milk to transition him by his first birthday. Now for his stats!!! He weighs a whoppin' 20 lbs today!!! WOOHOO!! That was our goal for 1 year! He is in the 24th percentile, so he is definitely catching his peers! He is 28 3/4 inches and is in the 40-something (oops, we forget!) percentile. His big old head is 46 cm and is in the 55th percentile! Dr. Chris also said that the amount of anesthesia needed for his procedure is very light so he should recover well. Keep your fingers crossed that the eye doctor and actual surgery go as well as today!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Oops! I got my dates confused! Logan's eye doctor appointment is on the 27th and his recircumcision is scheduled for the 29th!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Catching up...

Today was such a beautiful day that we decided to spend it outside at the park! Logan enjoyed himself, as you can see! Notice the funny shirt his Godfather sent him: "If you think I'm cute you should see my Godfather!" Logan spent some of the time doing two of his favorite things with Daddy, walking and being thrown in the air! WHEE!!

Can I just skip crawling??

King of the mountain!

We had a wonderful trip to Kansas during the first weekend in July. This trip Logan definitely did not appreciate being stuck in his carseat for 9 hours! Logan got to meet his cousin Grace and Aunt Traci for the first time! He also got to hang out with Grandma B., Uncle Jamie, Uncle John, and Great Grandma Betty. He enjoyed a barbeque with friends on the Fourth of July but slept through all of the fireworks! Of course our visit ended way too quickly but it was fun while it lasted!
Hanging out with Grace
The Weishaar Boys
Happy Fourth of July!
Packing for Grandma B.'s

We are still battling Logan's stubborness during his physical therapy sessions and it seems to be paying off! This week he has began his version of army crawling! He definitely needs to keep practicing but he's getting there! There is a new video posted in the "you tube star" section! He is pretty funny, he'll roll over to get what he wants, start whining, and then very dramatically start pulling himself towards the object. We have to praise him and clap like crazy or he won't perform! What a little stinker!! His big achievement has motivated me to do two things:

1. Begin babyproofing ASAP!!

2. Wash the floors...gross!!

Just a reminder to say a couple of extra prayers for Logan. He has an eye doctor appointment on the 26th to make sure his eyes are devoloping as they should and he has his surgery on the 28th. I will keep everyone updated! Thanks!