Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cider Days

Last weekend we ventured out to Louisburg for their annual Cider Days. It was a beautiful, crisp, Fall day. Logan immediately wanted to try out the way-too-big for a toddler inflatable obstacle course. He loved bouncing through and was asking for "mo-mo" as soon as he was done!

His favorite part of the trip was watching the cider mill in action. We discuss the process several times a day:
1. Water (apples are washed with giant hoses in a big pool of water)
2. Up, up, up (the apples are carried up on a conveyor belt)
3. Dump (the apples are the dumped into a machine that begins smashing them)
4. Squeeze (a machine spins and squeezes all of the juice out of the apple mash)
5. Juicy (Logan gets apple cider delivered by...)
6. Daddy, donut.He also loved the pumpkins!
He showed off just how big and strong he is by picking up the pumpkins!

One Little Monkey...

jumped on his big boy bed! Last weekend we decided that it was time to disassemble Logan's crib and upgrade him to a big boy bed. We realized that all the bumps and bruises from escaping the crib probably weren't that great of a look! He absolutely loves his bed! After we get his beloved Cars jammies on (thank you Cousin Anthony!) he climbs up and immediately starts jumping and throwing himself down! When we finally wrangle him into his covers we read Truckery Rhymes. Then he asks mommy to snuggle. We cuddle up and talk about his day and all of the marvelous tow trucks, fire trucks, bulldozers, and dump trucks he will dream about that evening. He has stayed in his bed every night and is even sleeping better than he has in months!
We also gave up the binky last weekend. WOW. To all of the mommies that told me that he would forget about it after only a couple of days or ask about it twice and then be fine, my son is STILL asking for the thing! It was a rough adjustment but he is doing much better now. He has had a great week at day care and Miss Laura says he is like a whole new kid. She said he's been so much happier this week and talking a lot more. It is scary to say but I believe that the last of the "baby" stage is over. Oh wait, I am still changing diapers!!
Super Sweet Big Boy Logan

Monster Face Big TWO-year-old Logan