Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

In honor of Easton's first Easter he got a new basket to match his big brother's!  We ordered him a liner to match his nursery, it turned out adorable!  He thinks it makes a terrific teether.
 This year we are so happy to have found a church for our family.  On Saturday we headed to an Easter egg hunt at church.
I couldn't resist posting this picture of my handsome boy!

Can you believe it, the REAL Easter bunny was there!

Easton was upset we made him look at the camera rather than the fun balloons behind us!

Since it was so wet, we had to "hunt" eggs in the parking lot.

Easton even found one!

That evening Great Grandma Betty and Grandma B came to stay the night.  

Logan dyed some eggs just for fun.

Easter morning I was awoken by an ecstatic 4-year-old shrieking "Mommy, mommy, mommy, I am so ecited!" and then his present from the bunny was put right in my face!  Knowing that your child's day has been made at 6:50am is the best way to wake up!
Easton was excited about his wagon wheels and cereal bars!  He could have cared less about his summer clothes.

Logan had fun running around, screaming, and finding all 68 eggs!

The boys cuddled up and watched Logan's new dvd, Wreck-It Ralph, with B.
 This afternoon we were invited to Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bob's house for Easter lunch and the annual egg hunt with the cousins.  We are so lucky to be welcomed into their family each year!
E hung out with Uncle Bob quite a bit.

We had beautiful weather and spent some time soaking up the sun!

Logan took this one!  So glad the boys look like their handsome daddy!
Logan even snuggled up with me on the swing.  I love moments like this.

My cuties!
Logan all ready to go for egg hunt #3!

E wishing he could join in the fun!

Watching the action....

Logan thought this was wildly funny that an egg was on the tire!

Easton giving Aunt Kathy's arms a workout!  We had a few comments about how heavy he is!

My adorable little family with boys being boys!

Hope your Easter was filled with many blessings!

Spring Break

Despite the cool weather, we had a wonderful time over Spring break!  We started our week off by venturing to Topeka to stay with Grandma B.  While we were there Logan took his daddy and I to the Discovery Center.  We had a blast!  

As you can imagine, this was Logan's FAVORITE part...
changing tires,

topping off the fluids,

replacing the muffler,

new plates,

and changing the tires some more!
 We then headed over to the construction center...
First we planned out his tractor,

he made some cuts,

and some more cuts,

we added some wheels and viola! Tractor.
 My little artist had fun painting on the windows!  I bet you can't guess what he made!
He started with his favorite color, orange.

It is starting to take shape!  I guessed monster truck but nope, it was a...

Spelled all by himself!
 We spent some time at the grain elevator.  It was quite a workout!

Then we headed to the outdoor natural playground.  We all had so much fun balancing, climbing, and swinging!
Balance bridge

I hitched a ride with my big dude.  

He quickly booted me off!
Rope course,

Mommy tried out the balance bridge too.

We were supposed to walk across these but this was WAY more fun!
Before we left we daddy discovered this dark room where Logan and I constructed a fire engine.
 Tuesday was supposed to be the most beautiful day of our break.  They forecasted a high of 54 degrees. So we headed to the Topeka Zoo with Grandma B.  Our friends Melissa and Cole joined us.


If you look closely you might notice that it is SNOWING!  Easton was wearing B's gloves on his feet.  We didn't stay for very long once it started coming down pretty hard, so much for our nice day!

On Wednesday we went downtown to Kaleidoscope.  It was the perfect creative outlet for Logan!

Easton seemed to enjoy looking at all the bright, exciting, colors!

Have you noticed the cute tongue when LJ is concentrating REALLY hard!
Thursday brought more cold weather but we made the most of it and headed indoors to swim.
Easton had fun splashing...

and so did big brother!

Kasey and I are so lucky to have the same schedules!  It was so nice to do some things around KC and spend quality time together with our handsome little dudes!