Friday, March 8, 2013

10 months

WOW!!  Did I read that right?  10 months!  Geesh I am getting big!

Yep, that's what this sticker says, 10 months!
You know what they say, time flies when you're having fun!

My mom sure is making me sit here for a LONG time...

All I really want to do is eat this paper!
All that sitting and now she throws me in the basket!?!  The nerve!  Too bad I ate my fancy-schmancy sticker.
I have been a busy boy this month!  I have lots of hair that likes to stick up in random fluffy tufts!  I love reading my Moo, Baa, La, La, La! book as long as I am not too sleepy.  I crack up at the silly animal sounds.  Sometimes I even point to the right animals when mommy and daddy make their sounds for me!
Of course Logan and I have been busy playing!  I love that guy!  His dancing makes me belly laugh!
We got to hang out a lot when he had snow days and stayed home from school!  It was fun, we even built a fort!
I was not so impressed with the snow.  It was cold and poked me in the face!
Okay, truth be told, I REALLY did not like the snow.  I hear my Papi wants to move somewhere warm, maybe I'll do that too!
This is more like it!  Look at all the snow we got!  That was just storm #1, we got even more snow the very next week!
My mommy and daddy took me to meet Dr. Riggs.  He is one important dude!
I am sure glad I got to meet him!
I have been working on trying to crawl but don't really like it so much.  I can scoot around on my back just fine so I don't see why my parents keep pushing the issue.
Maybe I'll work on that for next month...
Last month I got my first tooth!  The lower left one, same one as my big brother!  Then a week and a half later I popped his next door neighbor.  It looks like the top ones will be joining them really soon.  Mommy is going to miss my big gummy smile!
I have been eating up a storm!  I love greek yogurt and mommy's mexican quinoa!  I eat watermelon, chicken, pasta, cheese, graham crackers, crunchers, I'll try just about anything!
I am getting so big that I tried to convince mommy to let me take the car for a spin, only I couldn't reach the pedals.
I really enjoy jumping in my exersaucer!

The end.

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