Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We had such a great Halloween! We spent the day with our good pals the Pellings. Logan was a chicken and Kasey and I attempted to dress like farmers. Logan tolerated trick-or-treating but had to be taken back a bit early for dinner. He had a great time playing with Emmy and Charlie. After dinner Brian built a fire and we went outside to roast marshmallows and make smores. Logan thought they were really yummy and was mesmerized by the fire. Kasey and I were thinking about Logan's first Halloween in the NICU and how different this year was! We posted some then and now pictures to show you what a BIG difference a year can make! Hope you all had a happy Halloween!!

Logan's first Halloween in the NICU

Logan, one year later...what a difference a year makes!

Logan and Elmo, who is wearing Logan's costume from last year!

Our funky chicken taking a break from trick-or-treating.

Another then...
and now!
Daddy and Logan (and leftover smores on his mouth!). Logan is VERY ready for nigh-night!
Logan trick-or-treating! He's getting so close to walking by himself!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Tricks and Treats for you!

It has been entirely too long since I have shared Logan updates with you! I apologize! He is quite active these days bouncing from one activity to the next! He loves to climb on our laps and read books, especially Moo, Baa, La La La (he likes to give the little dogs a BIG kiss!). He has been a chatterbox and has officially added mamama to his vocabulary! We have caught him saying things like "bobble" (bottle) and "bauble" (bubbles) but he refuses to say it again when we ask him to! I am expecting a language explosion one of these days! He will now give me kisses upon request but isn't so sure about kissing dada! Logan has taken his light and fan obsession to the next level by learning how to turn them off and on. We have been trying to take advantage of the last few nice days of Fall. We have been visiting the park where all Logan wants to do is swing. The other day we were swinging for over 45 minutes when I decided it was time to go home for dinner. He threw the biggest fit and just kept pointing at the swings as we headed to the car. He then cried the entire way home. He has become a very speedy crawler and is cruising the furniture like crazy! At therapy he is working on standing on his own and has attempted it a few times this week at home. Pretty soon he will be walking like a pro! Currently he has a little cold, poor guy! He is not a big fan of getting his nose wiped at all!

He has been very busy this month and has been at two pumpkin patches! We went to Edward's Apple Orchard with my parents and Auntie Lauren and Uncle Brian. Logan was a HUGE fan of the fresh-picked raspberries! It was too rainy to pick a pumpkin that day so we went to our local patch the following weekend.

Here he is after Daddy carved his pumpkin! He is lovingly smooching his very first jack-o-lantern! We carved it with four teeth on top and three on the bottom with a crooked grin...just like our boy! Hopefully soon he will get that fourth one on the bottom and even things out a bit!

Logan and Daddy with their finished product...

And finally, for your enjoyment, some videos of our handsome little boy! In this first one he is showing off his new trick of making sounds with his lip...

Sorry the camera is a little shaky on this one...I was doing double duty, cameraman and spotter!

Check out Logan helping Daddy get the guts out of his pumpkin...

That's all for now! Stayed tuned for Halloween pictures!