Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday LJ!

 Happy birthday to this big man!!  It is so crazy to think that it has been 6 years since he flipped our world upside down!  He is still our little thinker, lego-building, big guy.  He is HUGE!!!  He weighs over 60 lbs and is a little over 4 feet tall.
Logan had a really hard time deciding what kind of party he wanted to have this year.  He knew it needed to be Lego-themed but wasn't sure if it should be a slumber party, fire station, Legoland, etc.  Eventually we decided to take advantage of a giant padded room along with a private movie screening room!  

The kids had a blast running around, sliding, bouncing off walls, and swinging from ropes.  

 Once they were tuckered out we headed over to watch the Lego Movie complete with popcorn and candy.

 Logan was most excited to open his presents so halfway through the movie we had cake  and moved on to the big event!

 It was a great day to celebrate a really cool kid with our closest friends and family!


Somehow Logan is old enough to be in Kindergarten!  He was very excited to return to Sunflower and have the amazing Mrs. Furlong as his teacher.  He is an official member of the Kingdom of Kindergarten and has made some really good friendships!    

However, after the first week of school Logan's anxiety got the best of him.  He woke every morning with a stomachache, crying about going to school.  It was extremely hard for him to separate from me as the school day began.  We were both pushing our stamina to the max as we adjusted to being at school full days.  My heart broke as a held his clammy hand down to his classroom.  

Eventually we put together a box of tools and strategies for him to use when he felt nervous.  We made sure that he applied his "calm down" oil from Miss Amy.  He carried a curled up photo booth picture of our family as well as a Lego minifigure.  

One of his biggest stressors was lunch.  He wasn't eating, having stomach pain, and loosing weight.  His rock star teacher made accommodations for him to eat in the classroom until he was able to rejoin his classmates.  

Finally, after our Thanksgiving break Logan started to look forward to going to school!  He woke up happy and got ready without being asked 104 times.  He couldn't wait to see his "bros" and play at recess.  This mama was SO happy!!

He still has a hard time on "special" days; pirate day, learning celebration, popcorn powwow.  Logan enjoys routines and schedules.  When his normal is altered he gets nervous.  It seems like it is getting easier for him and he has gotten better at self-talk, taking deep breaths, and praying through the anxiety.  

As a former kindergarten teacher I was thrilled for my son to begin his big adventure in K.  I couldn't help but feel frustrated as the things that brought the most excitement to most kinders caused him incredible anxiety.  Logan has always been my cautious little worrier and I have learned that I cannot change that about him.  It is what makes Logan, Logan and I love that kid more than my heart can handle!  

Birthday celebration kindergarten style!  

Mmm, cookie cake!!

Learning Celebration picnic, I love being at school with my dude!!

Bus selfie for Logan's kindergarten field trip

LJ and one of the bros, "J"

Another bro, "L"

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Summer Bucket List

I can't believe that it has taken me this long to get our summer post done!  Life has been beyond busy lately!

We compiled our summer bucket list while sitting at Johnny's one day after church.  Each of us contributed as the anticipation of care-free summer days approached.  The first item out of both boys' mouths was...

1. Pool!
Logan was an expert swimmer this year!  He learned to swim on top of the water, swim in the deep end, and even swim across the pool!  Easton loved it as well.  We often heard a loud "cannonbaw!" seconds before he splashed into the water without a care or worry if someone was there to catch him!

2. Sprinkler
This was one of the first events we tackled!  We have the world's greatest neighbors!  I love watching these kids make memories together!

3. T-Bones
Easton begged for this one from the very creation of the list!  Unfortunately he would have to wait until the 4th of July!  Every year one of our good friends puts on a birthday event at the T-Bones game.  We tailgate, watch the game in a suite, and enjoy the fireworks!  Another bonus is that we get to spend time with Uncle Jamie and Grace!

4. Royals
Another one of Easton's requests!  This time we spent time with the Mortenson family!  The little dudes even picked up one of the Royals' ladies!!

5. Schlitterbaun
We were fortunate enough to visit this water park twice this summer!  The boys loved it!  Logan overcame his fears from last year and begged to do the waterslides again!  Easton was even able to ride the big slides!

6. Chicago
I was very fortunate to do this trip twice!  First I went with my hubby and got to spend time catching up with friends!  My sister's airline even hooked us up with first class seats on the way there!

Then, right before school started, my mom suggested that we take the boys to visit with some family.  It was wonderful being able to spend time with my sister and her family and see their new home.  We also enjoyed time with my Aunt Cindy and her family, my Aunt Tracy and her crew, my grandparents, and my brother Anthony and his family.  Both trip were an amazing way to recharge my batteries.

7. Sporting KC
For those of you who know me well know that sports are not normally my thing.  However, I love going to Sporting games!  There is lots of action, my boys love it, and, not to mention, very attractive players!!
8. Kansas City Farmer's Market
This was the very last item to be checked off of our list.  We actually did it the weekend after school started.  It was a wonderful morning with my dudes!  We were able to catch up with the Skillman family as well.

9. Topeka Zoo
This is one of our favorite places to go when we visit B.  This time did not disappoint!  My kids will have many wonderful memories of the zoo.  They rode the train and played at the park.  Logan even dominated the monkey bars for the first time!

10.  Chuck-E-Cheese
I am pretty sure Grandma B. crossed this one off of the list for us!  Thanks for taking one for the team!

11.  Prairie Fire Museum
This is a new addition to Kansas City.  It is a museum of natural history.  The boys loved seeing the big dinosaur and exploring in the hands on exhibit.  Logan was not a fan of the glass bridge we had to cross to get to the Exploration Room however!
12. Deanna Rose Farmstead
We were here several times this summer!  One of the times we went was for my mom's company picnic.  Such a great way to spend a few hours!

13. Black Hoof Park
No photos taken but it was a great day!  The boys and I headed to this three level park and enjoyed the day.  The boys favorite part was walking in the little stream.  

14. Splash Park
We saved this one for the very end of summer.  Daddy was back at work so he wasn't able to join us.  We did meet up with our favorite Miss Tracy and some of our awesome neighbors.  The kids enjoyed picnicking and splashing with friends!

 15. Carnival
We spent a great day in Topeka with Grandma B. and then went to the Fiesta.  We had a lot of fun eating authentic Mexican food (the boys ate hot dogs of course!).  Then it was off to ride rides and play games!  Easton loved the big ferris wheel but brother L was not as big of a fan!  Logan prefers rides closer to the ground!

 The boys and I also had a mini golf date that I thought I would share.  Logan did really well and Easton had a blast being a big boy!

It was a great summer spent making memories!  I am so fortunate to have a job that allows me to spend time with these incredible dudes I have been blessed with!