Saturday, December 8, 2012

7 months...and some other stuff!

 Look who is 7 months old!  In the last month he has grown a ton!  At Thanksgiving he fit comfortably in his 3-6 month clothes and a week later he was in 6-9 month clothes!  His personality is really coming out and he is quite a character.  He is a little stinker, full of smiles and giggles, extremely strong-willled, and quite a snugglebug!
 His hobbies include grabbing for his toes and eating.  The other day Kasey and I were eating a caramel apple and he was reaching for it and crying that I wouldn't share with him.  Finally I gave in and let him gnaw on the core, it made him a very happy dude!
 He knows how to make his mommy's heart happy.  He will give me big, sloppy kisses when I ask him to!  Then I kiss him back and he thinks it is wildly funny!
 Logan is really into playing with him these days.  He is such a great big brother.  The other day he was telling him "Don't worry Easton, I am here," and "There is no such thing as ghosts," I don't know where that one came from!
Easton is working on sitting unassisted but he can only stay up for a few seconds.  Maybe next month...
 Easton and Logan are quite a pair!  They have been wrestling each other already.  I can only imagine what life will be like a year from now!

We have been so lucky to have beautiful weather this fall.  Logan was so excited to make a leaf pile with his daddy!  

 Easton LOVES bath time!  He splashes and kicks and smiles the whole way through!

This year we got to celebrate Thanksgiving twice!  We had "Friendsgiving" at our one of our neighbor friends' house.  It was a lot of fun, until about 7:30!  We are very thankful to have such a fun group to raise our kids with.

 Then we headed to Grandma B.'s house for the real deal.  
 We shared it with Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bob, cousins, and
Great Grandma Betty.

Grandma B. did a wonderful job!

Easton loved his feast of pureed peas...mmm!

Daddy and Logan worked off some of their extra helpings with some after dinner "wrestle-dogging!"

The thing Logan was most looking forward to about Thanksgiving was going to see the lights at Lake Shawnee.  It is a huge display that your drive through as you listen to Christmas music.  It is really neat and has become a tradition.  It was fun to have Baby E with us this year!

After Thanksgiving was behind us we got to work putting up our Christmas tree!  

Logan wanted to help with each ornament and know who it belonged to and the story behind it.  As is customary we had to break one of daddy's Frosty Friends.  I should start packing super glue with the ornaments!

My Auntie Cindy sent us that cute little penguin ornament in the background of this picture.  I tried to have Logan pose with it to take a thank you picture and you see what I got!  It is the first ornament that is partially Easton's!  I am so excited to have his first Christmas!
Logan also has a tree in his room to fill with all of his ornaments.  It is really neat to see him put up ornaments that have his birth stats.  Can you believe this guy was really only 2 pounds?!?  He is such a stud!

This month Easton met the amazing Dr. Owens who delivered him!  We are so lucky that he helped us out of a really scary situation.

 We have had weather in the 60s most of this month.  The other day we ventured out to our park to enjoy the day.
 It was so sweet to see my boys playing together.  It is moments like this that I prayed for...
 Easton likes swinging, not loves, just likes!

On December 1st our old friend, Santa Elf, showed up!
 Each day he is up to something silly!  Today we found that he had toilet papered our tree!  Santa Elf brings Logan something under his tree everyday.  Sometimes it is a book that has been wrapped up from his book shelf.  Other days it is a project.  Logan really loved this one:
 The second day he was here he brought supplies for Logan to write Santa a letter.  Logan grabbed the Toys R Us ad and got to work!
 His daddy and I could not be more proud of this kid!  He is sounding out words like a champ these days!
"I want Nano Speed (racers).  I need vitamins.   I'll wear Hot Wheels clothes.  I'll read truck books.  And I'd really love you to bring me monster truck.  Love, Logan"
 Read to mail...
 just one last thing!
Last weekend we headed down to Union Station to enjoy the beautiful decorations and check out the model trains.
Look at E sitting in the stroller like a big dude!

Logan's favorite part was the junk yard full of crushed cars...surprised?!?

Easton's favorite part was his thumb.

Just one last picture to show how big our baby E is getting!  His feet actually touch the bottom of his excersaucer.

Just think our next update will be about CHRISTMAS!!  I am looking forward to seeing friends and family in just a couple of weeks!  It will be wonderful to introduce our little man to the many people who have not met him yet!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

E Baby is 6 months!

Half a year has gone by since little E joined our family!  He is a bit on the dramatic side.  Usually he is all smiles but when he is mad, oh boy, watch out!  One thing he absolutely cannot stand is being strapped into his car seat!  He is fine if you are carrying the million pound seat but once you snap it into the base he looses his mind! 
We saw Dr. Brunner on the 29th of October.  He weighed in at 13 lbs 10.5 oz (50th percentile among other 31 weekers), was 24.6 inches long (75%), and his big old noggin is 17 inches (95%)!  The big news is that he is on the regular growth chart!!  He is in the 1st percentile for weight, 2nd percentile for height, and 50th for head among other 6 month olds!  During our visit I was bragging that he can roll from back to belly.  She asked if he could roll from belly to back and I said not yet, then Easton showed off his skills by doing it for her!
We also saw the developmental therapist and physical therapist last week.  They said that he is acting appropriately for his adjusted age.  We will see them again in July when his adjusted age is 1 year old.  They did say that they would be watching his memory and processing closely due to the minor calcification in the frontal lobe of his brain.  His daddy and I believe that he is a super preemie just like his big brother and he will be a normal little boy!! 

As you can see he was not happy about the basket picture this month!!

Another big development is that Easton now eats cereal and vegis!  So far he has had butternut squash and carrots.  Tonight we will attempt our first green vegi, peas!  He LOVES to eat!  He has been reaching for toys and putting them in his mouth.  He constantly has his fingers in his mouth because he is working on his very first tooth!  It is his bottom right, just like his big brother.

He has also added a new joyful sound to our home: BABY LAUGHS!!!  Enjoy! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Sorry for the delay!  We had a ton of fun celebrating Halloween!  Daddy helped the boys carve pumpkins.  Logan was very excited about the picture he chose "a cat wrestle doggin' a pumpkin!"
We actually started a week early with Boo at the Zoo in Topeka.  The kids get to dress up and trick-or-treat around the zoo.

Here is our "pet crew" guy checking out the orangutan.

He was pumped that this one dressed up as a ghost!  I am thinking she kind of looks like E.T.!

Making pals with the gorilla.

Logan had to stop by and show his favorite "mingos" his sweet get up!

He had a blast playing in the blow ups.

Mr. Easton dressed up as an owl for this event.  He played the part very well, he was nocturnal during it and only woke up at the very end!

Grandma B. joined Logan at his Fall Festival party at school. I was able to sneak away from kindergarten for a little bit to enjoy some scarecrow making! The kids were asked to bring in some of their clothes and make themselves as a scarecrow, too cute!
Hard at work rubber banding the sleeves.

Grandma B., Logan the boy, and Logan the scarecrow!
 Later that evening the boys suited up and the neighborhood crew came over for pizza.  It was so much fun having all of the kids together! 

My little E. was a blue-eyed skeleton.  All night I kept reminiscing about last Halloween.  I had just found out that I was pregnant with him but probably would loose the baby any day.  I am so grateful that prayers get answered and that this sweet little boy joined our family!  I am so in love!
Not so scary is he?

Chomping at the bit to go get their CANDY!!!

Easton relaxing in his swing.

My little dudes!

The crew!!  I can't wait to watch these kiddos grow up together!


Happy Halloween everybody!