Tuesday, November 13, 2012

E Baby is 6 months!

Half a year has gone by since little E joined our family!  He is a bit on the dramatic side.  Usually he is all smiles but when he is mad, oh boy, watch out!  One thing he absolutely cannot stand is being strapped into his car seat!  He is fine if you are carrying the million pound seat but once you snap it into the base he looses his mind! 
We saw Dr. Brunner on the 29th of October.  He weighed in at 13 lbs 10.5 oz (50th percentile among other 31 weekers), was 24.6 inches long (75%), and his big old noggin is 17 inches (95%)!  The big news is that he is on the regular growth chart!!  He is in the 1st percentile for weight, 2nd percentile for height, and 50th for head among other 6 month olds!  During our visit I was bragging that he can roll from back to belly.  She asked if he could roll from belly to back and I said not yet, then Easton showed off his skills by doing it for her!
We also saw the developmental therapist and physical therapist last week.  They said that he is acting appropriately for his adjusted age.  We will see them again in July when his adjusted age is 1 year old.  They did say that they would be watching his memory and processing closely due to the minor calcification in the frontal lobe of his brain.  His daddy and I believe that he is a super preemie just like his big brother and he will be a normal little boy!! 

As you can see he was not happy about the basket picture this month!!

Another big development is that Easton now eats cereal and vegis!  So far he has had butternut squash and carrots.  Tonight we will attempt our first green vegi, peas!  He LOVES to eat!  He has been reaching for toys and putting them in his mouth.  He constantly has his fingers in his mouth because he is working on his very first tooth!  It is his bottom right, just like his big brother.

He has also added a new joyful sound to our home: BABY LAUGHS!!!  Enjoy!