Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Holidays!

What a busy December we've had! Logan was all about helping out with the holiday traditions! He helped trim the trees (and untrimming the tree ornament by ornament!), baking goodies for friends, and even wrapping packages.
We celebrated our first Reynolds' family Christmas this year. Logan played with his 14 second cousins and was happy to get a dinosaur counting book from Great Grandma Betty. Kasey's cousin-in-law Kurt was an instant favorite! He threw Logan around and looked through a Tractor Supply magazine for nearly an hour! However, nothing could top taking a spin with Great Uncle Bill on Great Aunt Lynn's scooter!
We made the eight hour journey to Cherry Valley, IL to see Gramma and Papi on Tuesday the 21st. It was hard to tell who was more excited; Kasey to get his foot off of the gas, Logan to see all of the snow, or Sara to see her family! Logan kept telling us that he wanted "play snow." We told him he could in the morning after we bought him some mittens. The next day, when we put his mittens on, he immediately tried opening the door to go play in the snow. I think he thought mittens were all he needed, since we repeatedly told him he could play outside once he got mittens!
Logan made snow angels and even got a Papi-powered sled ride! They tried to make a snowman but the snow was not right for packing. Maybe we'll get some snow here in Kansas so Logan can try again!
We were so lucky to visit with even more family on Christmas Eve Eve. Logan got to play with his cousins Anthony and Kate and his second cousin Brooke.
On Christmas Eve Auntie Lauren, Kasey, and Logan headed out to sprinkle reindeer food on the snow so Santa wouldn't miss Gramma and Papi's house!
Early Christmas morning Logan snuck out of our room to go find Gramma! Luckily he was happy playing with the 20 year old toys from the basement rather than ripping into presents. He was thoroughly spoiled as was evident by his mountain of packages. He got his very own computer that plugs into the t.v. complete with Thomas and Bob the Builder games.
Some of his favorites were "Tato" and Woody from Toy Story. Thanks to his Auntie Lauren, Uncle Brian, Uncle Paul, and Uncle Zach!
Auntie Lauren and Uncle Brian also outfitted him with some very cool pajamas, slippers, and clothes. Every box he would predict to be a tractor only to be disappointed by clothing and chuck it aside. Mommy and daddy were very pleased by these presents!

It was great to see Uncle Paul even though he had to leave Christmas day. Good thing he did, Boston got 16 inches of snow the next day!
Logan had a great time playing with his Uncle Zach who was home on leave from the Army. I think they both enjoyed playing dress up with Zach's uniform, wearing stockings for boots, and laughing about DUST! Logan also received a new aunt over the holiday. We were able to attend Zach and Ciara's marriage on December 28th. Hopefully we will be going to their reception in March after Zach graduates from basic training.
We were able to squeeze in some time with friends as well. Logan got to hang out with his friend Lukas Melton while mommy had tea with her friends. He also got to spend then night at his pals' Emmy and Charlie's house. We went to the Shedd Aquarium with the Melton, Pelling, and Nash families!
We returned home on December 29th where Logan discovered that Santa visited him in Kansas as well! He could barely believe his eyes when he unwrapped his brand new Jeep! It is pretty cute to see him drive it a couple of feet and then get out to check under the hood!
On the 30th we had yet another Christmas celebration with Grandma B.! She brought Logan his very own kitchen! He loves it. We have been served plenty of pizza, cookies, and water over the last few days. He has also made several calls to Papi on the kitchen phone, "Snowblower? No snow," click.
Grandma B. stayed the night and we went to Kaleidoscope at Crown Center on New Year's Eve.
We left Kasey home to recover from his stomach flu! Logan made a couple of projects but was more interested in pressing all of the buttons to make sounds. He also liked playing at the Crayola play place.
The next day we took Logan to the doctor only to discover that he had developed his very first ear infection. We were hoping that his runny nose was caused by his new molars that recently popped through. Hopefully his medicine will clear it up and he'll be back to his old self.
We were so lucky to see so many family and friends this month! We hope that you had a wonderful holiday and that your 2011 is full of many happy memories!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cider Days

Last weekend we ventured out to Louisburg for their annual Cider Days. It was a beautiful, crisp, Fall day. Logan immediately wanted to try out the way-too-big for a toddler inflatable obstacle course. He loved bouncing through and was asking for "mo-mo" as soon as he was done!

His favorite part of the trip was watching the cider mill in action. We discuss the process several times a day:
1. Water (apples are washed with giant hoses in a big pool of water)
2. Up, up, up (the apples are carried up on a conveyor belt)
3. Dump (the apples are the dumped into a machine that begins smashing them)
4. Squeeze (a machine spins and squeezes all of the juice out of the apple mash)
5. Juicy (Logan gets apple cider delivered by...)
6. Daddy, donut.He also loved the pumpkins!
He showed off just how big and strong he is by picking up the pumpkins!

One Little Monkey...

jumped on his big boy bed! Last weekend we decided that it was time to disassemble Logan's crib and upgrade him to a big boy bed. We realized that all the bumps and bruises from escaping the crib probably weren't that great of a look! He absolutely loves his bed! After we get his beloved Cars jammies on (thank you Cousin Anthony!) he climbs up and immediately starts jumping and throwing himself down! When we finally wrangle him into his covers we read Truckery Rhymes. Then he asks mommy to snuggle. We cuddle up and talk about his day and all of the marvelous tow trucks, fire trucks, bulldozers, and dump trucks he will dream about that evening. He has stayed in his bed every night and is even sleeping better than he has in months!
We also gave up the binky last weekend. WOW. To all of the mommies that told me that he would forget about it after only a couple of days or ask about it twice and then be fine, my son is STILL asking for the thing! It was a rough adjustment but he is doing much better now. He has had a great week at day care and Miss Laura says he is like a whole new kid. She said he's been so much happier this week and talking a lot more. It is scary to say but I believe that the last of the "baby" stage is over. Oh wait, I am still changing diapers!!
Super Sweet Big Boy Logan

Monster Face Big TWO-year-old Logan

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Logan is TWO!!

Two years ago we welcomed Logan James into the world nearly three months early. He weighed just 2 lbs. 12.3 oz. Despite being scared out of our minds, we were so excited to be his parents and fell in love instantaneously!
After a year of ups and downs, numerous appointments, and winter lock downs our baby turned one! He amazed us with all of his new tricks, walking, talking, and tantrums! It was a much more relaxed time in our lives because we realized that he was no longer a preemie and just a normal kid!
Then we blinked and all of a sudden Logan turned TWO!!! Wouldn't you know that all of our doctors were right, by two he is all caught up and healthy as can be! We couldn't be more proud of our big guy! He has become quite a character and is still full of all of the determination, stubbornness, and persistence that he had they day he was born!

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Logan's birthday! Friday he brought "cuppies" to Miss Laura's house to share with all of his friends. Miss Laura reported that he had a great day (music to mama's ears!).
After a nice nap, we took Logan to dinner at the T-Rex cafe. He was a little apprehensive at first but soon he was leaping up from the table to go explore all of the fish tanks, mechanical dinosaurs, and of course, the truck!
He was surprised to see the staff singing and clapping a happy birthday song to him! He got a great, big chocolate chip cookie with a scoop of ice cream! YUM!! Before our waitress could bring him a spoon he had shoved his face into the ice cream for a taste!

After dinner we stopped by Dave and Busters to play some games. Logan liked throwing the skee balls with Daddy. Eventually we realized that our Birthday Boy was getting a bit sleepy and there were still gifts to be opened at home.

After gift opening he gathered up his new tractor, forklift, cars, and as many trucks as he could hold and went off to sleep! Kasey and I stayed up late preparing for the big truck party that was taking place on Saturday.
We had a busy morning running a lot of errands! Here is Logan surrounded by all of his balloons in the backseat!

Our truck party was ready for all of our Kansas friends and family. I took some pictures for our family and friends that weren't able to join us, we missed you!!

Welcome to the party!

This was the birthday present opening station! The pictures on the "zero, one, two" signs are the same ones from the beginning of the post. We got SO many compliments on Logan's custom-made Uncle John wooden trucks!

Logan's cake was a big hit! The truck makes noise, drives by itself, and has flashing lights, oooh!
Logan was just the cutest during his birthday song! He just grinned at everyone!

Mommy and Daddy helped Logan make a big birthday wish and blow out the candles!
Mmm, the best part, licking off the frosting!

Logan was spoiled with many new trucks and toys! Our house will never be the same! He was so excited to open his brand new bike!! It fits him just right! He even knows to put his feet on the pedals! Watch out neighborhood, here he comes!

Thank you for all of the warm birthday wishes! He truly had a very happy "dooda!"

Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy doda to Logan!

I think this is the greatest video we've taken! Kasey recorded Logan singing "Happy Birthday" to himself while eating his cupcake! Too funny!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Look Who Came to Visit...

Emmy and Lori!! Last weekend half of the Pelling family came to visit Kansas City. We had such a great time! Friday night we went to Tomfooleries for dinner. The kids were quite surprised when their meals showed up in a wagon!
I'm not sure if Logan was more excited about the wagon or his PIZZA, his new favorite food.

Saturday was jam packed with fun! We went to Crown Center's Kaleidoscope. Lori and I were just as excited to play with all of the cards, bows, markers, stickers, and paint as the kids were! Logan was more interested in drawing on his lips than on his crown.

Daddy and Logan even made a truck puzzle! There was so much to see and do!

Emmy had a blast painting her snake with hot wax in a room filled with black lighting.

Logan, however, was not so excited about the snake! He did enjoy playing with all of the gadgets in the spaceship!

After our session ended at Kaleidoscope we headed to the Crayola Cafe for lunch. Although their meals did not come on wheels, they enjoyed drinking juice from their crayon souvenir cups. Emmy and Logan even picked up some new shades!
After lunch we headed outside to let the kids cool off in the fountain. Emmy had a blast running around and dancing through the water. She tried very hard to get her pal to join her but he was just not that into it...
That night the girls came over for dinner and visiting. The following morning Logan and I went down to the plaza for some shopping and lunch with our friends.
We had such a nice weekend and we were very sad to see it come to an end. We are so lucky to have such amazing friends and we miss them SO much! A day hasn't passed that Logan doesn't ask for his girl Emmy several times!