Monday, February 14, 2011


Here is Logan cracking up at himself! Hope it makes you giggle uncontrollably as well!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Now he knows his ABCs...

Logan has been such a crack up these days! Today he put a bucket on one foot and was walking around the house. He told me, "I wear boot." His vocabulary has exploded and he has a new love for scheduling. Here is a sample conversation from last week,

LJ: "Go see Wolfie tonight?"

Me: "No Daddy doesn't have a game tonight. Maybe we'll go next Monday."

LJ: "See Wolfie Sunday, maybe? Next weekend?"

The kid is in love with going to Kasey's school's basketball games for two reasons, the mascot, Wolfie, and the concession stand! The boy can eat!

The other day I caught him singing the alphabet. My favorite part is when he gets to W.

We have been "enjoying" the snow. We have gone sledding once, down our driveway, and built our first snowman. Logan made sure that he found the snowman a beebo (belly button)! A little snowball outtie, just like his! He also thought the snowman needed a diaper change! Too stinkin' cute!