Saturday, August 30, 2014

A memory

I have so much to update about, summer fun and first days of school but tonight I have something I want to remember.

I have spent endless hours preparing my classroom, meeting new faces, teaching all day, planning all night and today, I spent ALL day with my babies.  It was great!  They woke up WAY too early for a Saturday but we made the best of it by snuggling on the couch with books and a movie (and coffee!).  We played magnatiles and laughed as Easton Godzillaed my creations.  We watched daddy get soaked in a dunk tank and the boys rode rides together at a carnival.  We went to Topeka to hang with B, play toys, watch movies, eat pizza, and played outside.

As I drove my pajamaed dudes home I listened as Easton searched for his moon and when he finally found it, he requested that I get it for him.  Logan argued that he couldn't get the moon until he passed away and went to Heaven.  Easton was not buying it and continued his requests.  I told him he should try closing his eyes and maybe he would catch it in his dreams.

Thirty minutes outside of home they finally dozed off.  I pulled into our driveway, carefully removed the keys and tried to be as quiet as possible to open my door.  I decided to get the big man out first, he was HUGE and very heavy!  I tried to think back to the last time I actually carried him in my arms and was reminded of all of the times when he was little and we would dance around the kitchen to "Big Green Tractor."  I slowly carried that 60 lb. boy into his room in our quiet, dark house and held him a bit longer, unsure of the next time I would carry him and if at that time I would be able to.  I sat on the edge of his bed with him in my arms well aware that I was being like the creepy mommy in I'll Love You Forever but I just couldn't help it.  In my arms I held my son who started off so frail, who I wanted more than anything, who was 3 years old the last time I can remember him sleeping on me, and I just couldn't put him down.  I held him a couple minutes longer and thanked God for this amazing blessing that motherhood is.  I whispered to him that I loved him and he whispered it back.  In just 11 short days he will be six, how did this happen.

I slipped out of his room and back to the garage to get sleepy dude number two.  I stared at that little toe head with his pouty lips and remembered the first moment I saw him and how his lips looked just the same.  I scooped him up, a much easier feat than with #1, and gave him a snuggle and kiss.  I cherished his little body in my arms and the ease of lifting him in his crib because I was reminded that all too soon he will be a big boy just like his brother.

These dudes try my patience every chance they get but they fill my heart with a joy that I never knew until they entered my world.  Tonight I was talking with another couple about our struggles to have children and how difficult their births were.  I can feel the longing to be a mother like it was yesterday.  I am incredibly blessed to have these babies in my life and I know that they were chosen just for us.  I just wanted to put this down so I can remember it always.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Preschool Grad

*Sigh,* my BIG, little man has officially completed preschool.  It has been such a joy having him down the hall from me at Sunflower.  The moments when our paths crossed in the halls and he blew me a kiss or called out "love you mommy" will be forever etched on my heart!  
 Mrs. Wells has been amazing!  She has loved Logan from the moment she met him.  She encouraged him to come out of his shell and be a leader in class.  I could always count on his teachers to make him feel safe and valued each and every day.  He has grown so much over the last two years.  Logan is asking how to spell everything and reading environmental print.  He knows a handful of sight words and is picking out words in books.  As a kindergarten teacher I know he is ready, as a mommy I can barely believe that he is ready to be in ALL DAY kindergarten!
 This little charmer has made some great friendships and I found myself looking forward to our car rides home to find out which friend was the line leader.  One of my favorite friends is little Miss Alli!  She is a firecracker!
The day summer officially started Logan decided to break my heart just a bit more by making his own PB&J!  The best part is he took out a steak knife and told me, "don't worry mommy, I am being super careful with this!"  Geesh.  He wants to do it all, all by himself!  He even got his brother out of his crib the other day!  

In the chaos of the end of the school year, I found myself remembering a conversation with our favorite NICU doctor, Dr. Helin. We were asking if our 2 lb, 28-weeker would be "normal."  He could not alleviate our worries at that moment but today I know he is anything but normal.  He is our superhero!  He is the biggest kid in his class, smart, and hilarious.  The best part, no matter how big he is, he is still my little boy in need of kisses goodnight, mommy hugs to help heal the hurt, and numerous "I love yous."  Time seems to be clipping along so I am going to spend our summer soaking up my boys, even during the tough times!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Easton!!

 YOU!!! (Easton's way of saying peek-a-boo!)
 Look who's TWO!

 We had a beautiful day to celebrate Easton's 2nd birthday!  The birthday boy was very excited about the decor and outside events!  He kept walking around the house pointing out "A homewun, a football, a soccer, a bacgal (basketball!), a football field," etc.

 Grandma B. made the most adorable baseball cake and cupcakes!  Easton was so pumped!

 He was very excited to hand out his party favors and was thrilled when there were a few leftovers.

 The kiddos and Brett had a great time in the bounce house filled with inflatable balls.  At one point the kids were bopping each other with an inflatable bat!

 The backyard was filled with sports galore!  We had soccer, baseball, basketball, and football all represented!
 On the menu were hot dogs of course!  There was also Kasey cheese and basketball oranges!

 E was tickled to hear everyone sing him "Happy Birthday!"  He even blew out his candle with a little help from daddy.

 He had a lot of help opening his presents and was very kind to share.  After every package he opened he said a loud, "thank you!"  Too precious!
 He even got a brand new Easton t-ball bat, thanks B!

 I just love our neighborhood crew!  The kids had such a great time staying up past their bedtimes playing.

 Easton also received a new tennis set, he is pumped to try out a new sport!

On his actual birthday he had a picnic lunch at the park with Miss Tracy and the gang.  We had his favorite for dinner, macaroni and cheese and hot dogs!  He opened his present from mommy, daddy, and Logan.  His very own basketball hoop for his room!  We saved Auntie Lauren's present too, a golf set!
 We spent all evening in the backyard doing what E loves best, playing sport,

 after sport, 
 after sport!

 We finished off the night with more cupcakes and ice cream.  I don't think he has stopped sing "happy birthday" since (followed by the cutest little blow!).

This little man has brought so many smiles, laughter, and joy to our lives!  E will often fill a silent car with his knock-knock joke:
knock, knock
who's there?
banana who?
He finds it wildly hilarious and his laughter is contagious!  His favorite songs are "ballgame" (take me out to the ball game) and "blink-blink" (wheels on the bus).  He loves his wa-wa so much and has even started calling him Logan.  My favorite part of our day is when he falls asleep on me at nap time.  He is so sweet and it reminds me that even though he is a big, ornery two-year-old, he is still my baby boy!

We recently went to his two year developmental check up to see if there were any residual effects from his prematurity.  As was expected, he is perfect in all areas!  He is in the 50-75th percentile for both height and weight (30 lbs).  His head is in the 90th percentile to house that smart brain of his!  We are beyond blessed to have such a healthy, funny, and snugly little monkey!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

We kicked Easter weekend off on Thursday by unpacking our baskets and 71 plastic eggs to leave out for Mr. E. Bunny.  We also colored eggs the old fashion way with vinegar, water, and food coloring.  I love letting Logan pick the colors and drop in the correct amount as he counts.  Easton thought it was very fun and wanted to keep smacking the eggs with spoons.  

 Saturday was our church Easter egg hunt.  We spent several hours at church with one of our favorite families.  The boys had a blast finding eggs, meeting the Easter bunny (who Easton LOVED!!), making cookies, playing with chicks, planting seeds, and winning full-sized candy bars in the candy bar walk!

After all of the festivities we gathered together to hear the uplifting message!  Easton stayed with his favorite ladies in the nursery but Logan was in service with us.  Three times during the service he looked up at me and said, "I love you."  Being in our church with my amazing family made my heart feel like it might burst!

We capped off a great night by joining the Burkins for some frozen yogurt fun.  It is so cool to see all of our dudes laughing and playing together!  I can't wait to see all of the fun they have growing up together and what kind of mischief they introduce sweet, innocent Harper to!

Easter morning kicked off at 6:26 with Logan in our bed proclaiming that the Easter bunny had come and left him eggs in his room.  Both eggs he brought with him were filled with coins, which made A LOT of noise as we tried to hold him off with his good friend television!  Easton finally stirred around 7:30 and the hunt was ON!  They loved everything in their baskets and Logan even let his brother get a few eggs!

We headed to Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bob's for lunch.  As always our bellies were filled with yummy food!  After lunch the Easter egg hunt began!  It is one of my favorite family events of the year!  Our boys have so much fun running around and finding eggs filled with goodies.  I think the adults have just as much fun seeing the pure joy that comes with a basket full of plastic eggs!

 We ended the day with burgers and dogs on the grill with Gramma Jan and Poppi.  My heart is full.  I am completely blessed and am beyond thankful!  Happy Easter everyone!