Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I want to be a part of it, FIRST GRADE!!!

Another year in the books!  Despite some ups and downs because of some anxiety, Logan had an AWESOME kindergarten year!  I can not say enough wonderful things about the amount of love, knowledge, and experiences he gained because of the wonderful teachers at Sunflower Elementary!
Pioneer Day!  Logan actually had an ear infection but we brought him for the fun anyway!

One of his "bros," Joe.

Churning butter with Mrs. Furlong

Super 100!!  Logan decided we would put 100 lego pictures on his cape.

100 day snack

Uniform day in K!  Logan decided that he wanted to be a principal just like daddy!

A highlight for mom: LJ reading Green Eggs and Ham!

Rainforest presentations, mama helped turn Logan into a boa constrictor!  

Rainforest bros

Logan gained a lot of confidence playing with the Gardner Stars.  He was the youngest player but ended up learning so much thanks to amazing, patient coaches and a great group of kiddos!

Logan's spring field trip was to Deanna Rose Farmstead

He fed the baby goats but only outside the fence (mama doesn't blame him!).

This boy has always loved the tractors!!

The field trip was cut short due to some storms in the area.  Logan and mama made the most of it with a lunch and bowling date.  He dominated me!!!

At the end of the year, Logan had gained enough confidence that he taught my entire class to make paper airplanes!  We had a blast flying them down the hallway!

Logan's kindergarten program was GREAT!!  The kids were all precious! 
 Logan's big part was using sign language to say the Pledge of Allegiance!  He did a wonderful job!

 The last song of the show told how the kids had mastered the K world and were ready to move on to first grade!  There were tears shed by every mama in the room!

The Bros cracking up that I was teary!

Logan receiving his certificate from Mrs. Tann.


Silly boys!!

Logan and his Grandma B!  Before this picture they were sharing a special kinder memory when B toppled over during a picture!

Sweet Alli!  Logan has shared 3 years with this special young lady.  We will miss her next year!

Logan and his best buddies, Laden and Joe.  These guys really kept Logan going on the hard days!

Mrs. Turner and Mrs. Furlong!  World's best K duo!!
My heart breaks a bit to know that Logan's kindergarten year is already behind us but I am SUPER pumped to share the first grade world with my baby!!  I am so proud of how far he has come!  I will be forever thankful to his great friends and our amazing staff that helped him through hard times and smiled with him through the great times!

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