Sunday, June 7, 2015

E is 3!!!

We started off Easton's 3rd birthday celebration with our annual March for Babies.  It was a beautiful morning, we had our new team shirts on, and we were ready to stroll!

 After the walk we made a quick change into our Royals gear.  Easton was SO excited to head out to the K to celebrate his big day!  He even got to wear his new "Cosmer" jersey.
 This face right here sums it up!!  He could not contain his excitement!  He just kept telling everyone in the car, "Look!  It's Kauffmic stadium!"
 We had a BBQ and brownies tailgate with Grandma B., Gramma Jan, Uncle John, Jenny, and our family before heading into the game.

 Eventually we headed over to the kids' K and played ball.  Grandma B. even managed to score autographs from Slugger!

 The Royals didn't get the W Easton had hoped for but we still had a great day celebrating our little slugger!
 On Easton's actual birthday we set up a neighborhood party at the "little park" by our house.  We invited the neighborhood crew, Miss Tracy and her family, and the Burkins.  Easton was pumped to finally break out his decorations and balloons!

 We set up a little baseball field for the kids to play at.  E told me that was his favorite part, "hittin' the ball."

 We enjoyed hot dogs, nachos, applesauce, and peanuts!

 Everyone was having a great time...UNTIL...the sky went dark!  I procrastinated as long as I could as our guests schlepped everything back to our house.  Then, the sky opened up, and DRENCHED our little party!
 E was so sad.  He just kept crying "My balloons!  My letters!"  Luckily, we have the best friends and family around and they managed to save his balloons and his party!
 After he realized that his party was not totally ruined we broke out the cupcakes.

 He was very excited about opening his gifts!

 He got a singing card from the Criger dudes that made his day!
 Mommy and daddy bought him a baseball blanket for his big boy bed.  His number one goal for this summer is to get it ordered!   Too bad that the rails have been back ordered for months!
 This little man is a laugh-a-minute!  He is ALL BOY.  He loves burps, "toots," and sports.  His big brother is his best buddy.  He loves to watch baseball on youtube, play the Wii with Logan, and is constantly wielding a bat.  He has an imaginary friend named Stinky Bob that is often up to no good. Easton is the life of the party, the last dude to pass out, and even when he is being VERY 3, he can still bring a smile to your face.

E loves BIG.  He loves baseball, his family, and mac-n-cheesey.  Before he goes to bed he often rattles off the list of all the people he loves.  We are so very blessed to have him in our family.  It is so hard to believe that our journey to bring him into this world was so long ago and now he is a happy, healthy, 3-year-old!!


  1. Love the pic of him sitting on the E and the bat on his shoulders!

  2. I enjoyed spending the week in Kansas with the Weishaar family. It was great meeting Jenny and attending the baby shower. March for Babies, Royals!! and party in the park, celebrating all things Easton.