Monday, April 30, 2012

Evening update

It is really difficult to sleep in the hospital. There is the sound of the IV filling me with hot magnesium. The bright lights from the monitor don't help. Oh, and every time I close my eyes I replay a conversation with one of our doctors or think about all of the scary times we spent in the nicu with Logan. Instead of sleep I choose blotting for all of you wonderful folks that have been calling, texting, praying, and just keeping us in your thoughts. Logan and B came for a visit. They brought me flowers with a card signed by my big boy! Logan was a little worried about all of my tubes and wires but I think I eventually got 2 hugs! He was very interested in my ambulance ride and if it had flashing lights. He also told his baby brother to "stay put!" Good advice! We have spoke to a neonatologist, the social worker, and 2 ob/guns. Our short term goal is to get my contractions to stop. I have been on mag since 1 pm and so far the longest they have spaced out is every 6 minutes. I will get my 2nd steroid shot tomorrow morning. They help my little guy's lungs to mature. They are most effective when they have been on board for 24 hours after the final injection. So they would like to see me stay pregnant until Wednesday morning. I am obviously hoping for A LOT longer. I would love nothing more than for these contractions to stop so that I could have a drink of water! I have had only ice chips today and will not be given anything to eat or drink until contractions stop. I feel pretty positive for the time being. I am still pregnant. Baby E's heart rate looks great and he doesn't seem to be under any stress. There has been no more bleeding which is a good sign that there may not be any cervical change going on.I am in the best place for the baby and me and will continue to lay here enjoying the sound of his heartbeat and remember the first time we heard it in Dr. Riggs' office! I am going to cherish every little wiggle I feel from him because I know all too well how quickly this all can change. We love you all and thank you for your support! Once we get through the next couple of days we will let you know what we need help with. Did I mention Kasey is having no trouble sleeping in the hospital? Despite that he is on the world's skinniest fold out chair that keeps collapsing at the foot he is just snoring away! I am going to go know and await my 5th blood draw of the day and nosh on some ice! We will update you as we can, please pass our blog on to those who are not on facebook. Nighty-night!

Here we go again

At 30 weeks and 3 days (two weeks longer than Logan), I'm laying here hooked to Magnesium and hoping that my contractions stop.  Today I went to work and felt some cramping.  Sure enough, just as the doctors had warned, I began bleeding.  Trying to remain as calm as possible with 5 and 6 years running around the room, I called the ambulance from my closet.  With the help from Ms. Wanda and Mr. Amos I was swept away to Overland Park Regional.  Kasey met me at the hospital and the process began of admitting me and a million questions later I was whisked into a room.  I've had two IV's, 4 blood tests, and many other uncomfortable things I won't repeat done.  The NICU doctor has been in to check on us and she went over the initial talk of how important it is for baby E to stay put for now.  She assured us that the goal was to not deliver anytime soon and wouldn't unless there is a threat to my or Baby E's health.  Thank you for all the prayers and kind words...hopefully I'll be sitting in bed bored for the next six weeks but I'll keep everyone posted.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

29 Weeks 5 Days

We had a visit with our high-risk doctor for a growth scan.  Babies that have a placenta previa can have growth restrictions so they just want to make sure he is growing at a good rate.  Of course our "little" one is an over achiever!  He is measuring in the 80th percentile and weighs about 3 lbs. 13 oz!  He is currently measuring a week and a half ahead of schedule!  I am 29 weeks 5 days and he is as big as a 31 weeks 2 days baby!  The doctor said that all of his organs were functioning well and developed normally.  We even got to see his diaphragm move as he took some practice breaths!  The doctor even showed us all 10 fingers and 10 toes!

We did get another speech on the importance of having someone available at all times to get me to the hospital in case I start bleeding.  I asked him what the risk would be of waiting the 30 minutes for Kasey to get home from work to drive me the 20 minutes to the hospital and he said that in extreme situations I could bleed to death!  Yikes!  I guess I won't take my chances with that one!  

We did get some very cool pictures of the little guy.  Enjoy!
Sweet little face

 An up-the-nose shot with his pouty lips!
His hand and... 
his foot!

Monday, April 16, 2012

28 weeks 3 days...Hooray!

WE MADE IT!!! Today I am 28 weeks and 3 days pregnant, the same gestational age that I had Logan. This is how I spent this day 4 years ago...
and this is how one scared daddy spent that day...
Today, I smiled from ear to ear knowing that this baby would not have to endure all of the pokes, tests, and challenges that his big brother had to. I chatted with some of my favorite ladies at work about a nursery that potentially could have a "take home baby" in it! I gladly took my P17 injection, knowing that it is likely the reason that I have made it to this point without being in the hospital. My heart is joyful because I know even if this kiddo does come early it is likely that he will not be in the NICU for 70 days. Every day in mommy's belly is 3 days less in the hospital.
Most importantly, today there are happy tears because of how truly blessed we are. We have an amazing fighter for a son. I know that God hears us and prayers are answered because Logan is healthy and his brother is safe in my belly.

It is amazing to me that a Logan-sized baby is inside me right now! I am so excited for the possibility of having an almost full term baby! One that can have visitors snuggle him, can share a room with us before he is 2 months old, that I can feed right away, and...
that Kasey and I will be able to hold on the day that he is born rather than 5 days later.

We still are facing some scary things with this pregnancy. We were told last week that it is likely that I will start bleeding between now and 32 weeks. If this happens I will be admitted to the hospital. If they are able to stop the bleeding I will get to go home and be on bed rest for the duration of the pregnancy. If I bleed again I will have to be on hospital bed rest. It I bleed a third time, the baby will have to be delivered. Hopefully, none of this will happen! I am hopeful that in 8 weeks 3 days I will be snuggling my new little man in my arms! But, one step at a time, tomorrow morning I will wake up more pregnant that I have ever been and I will keep smiling!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Eggs...and more!

Easter Basket

Happy Easter!

The last two weekends have been action-packed with Easter activities! Last weekend we joined our friends, the Lunds, for an Easter egg hunt. We made sure the kids were fueled up at the Kolache Factory.
With Easter baskets in hand, and occasionally on heads, they were ready for the main event!
Logan and I discussed the winning strategy of egg domination.
He did a great job and a few extra eggs might have found their way into his basket!
Logan and Lilly had a fun time playing at the park afterwards. When it was time to go to soccer practice I snapped this priceless moment...
Then Logan decided he had had enough walking.
This weekend we dyed eggs in preparation for the Bunny's arrival. Logan had a great time picking out all of the colors and helping prep the dye.
We even made a special one with his name on it!
Logan was very excited to leave all of his plastic eggs out for the Easter Bunny to fill. We even did several practice rounds of hiding the eggs and searching for them. As I was prepping some vegetables for our family Easter lunch, Logan decided that we needed to leave some carrots out for the Bunny.

That crazy rabbit left a few eggs in Logan's room. Wouldn't you know at about 1:00 I hear, "MOMMY! The Easter Bunny left an egg on my window!" Needless to say we didn't get much sleep after that. He kept asking when it was time to get the eggs. Kasey ended up having a not-so-slumber party with him that kept him in bed until 7:00.

I hope you enjoyed the videos of Logan unpacking his Easter basket and hunting for eggs. He was so excited he could barely talk! He was so overstimulated he kept running back and forth and switching between hunting for eggs, looking in his basket, and playing with his new favorite monster truck toy!
After church we headed out to Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bob's house. They are so sweet to have welcomed us again this year! Logan had a blast playing with all of the kids. He even got ANOTHER Easter basket filled with goodies! I think all of the kids enjoyed their squirt guns best of all. Logan was soaked by the time we left!

One of my favorite parts of Easter is watching all of the kids scurry around the yard finding eggs! Logan had to make sure that he emptied each egg as he found them. This may not have reaped the most eggs but he had a blast doing it!
I had such a fun weekend! I am very blessed to have such a wonderful family!
Here is our big guy, all tuckered out from the day's events! Nothing says "I had a blast!" like riding home in just your underwear with your monster trucks on your lap!
This last one is for all of you who have asked to see a belly picture! It is hard to believe that next Easter we will have another basket for the Bunny to fill! I am currently 27 weeks and 2 days. I went into labor with Logan at 27 weeks and 6 days. I am hoping to have a very low-key, no drama week!
Happy Easter everyone! xo.