Monday, October 22, 2012

Mr. Preschool

Last week we had our first parent teacher conference for Logan.  We were so proud to find out that he knows all of his uppercase and lowercase letters, shapes, colors, almost all of his sounds (just missing u and y), and all numbers to 10!  He also can count to 29.  He writes his name with an uppercase L and the rest lowercase.  What a rock star!  

Mrs. Wells said that he has grown socially and has made strong friendships.  She is going to work on his confidence and help him initiate play with others.  She also told us he shares well with all of his friends.  

There was even mention of him bringing home decodable books to read by the end of the year!  I am so proud to be this smart little man's mama!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

5 Months

Did you see that this handsome little man is already 5 months old!?!  His personality is really shining through these days!  We get plenty of smiles and even an occasional giggle.

He chats with us often.  It is adorable to hear his "ah-goos."  When he is really upset it sounds like he is saying "mama," he already has me wrapped around his sweet little fingers!  Easton refuses to use a pacifier.  If you attempt to calm him with one he gags and acts like you are poisoning him, DRAMA.  Instead he really loves to put his hands in his mouth.  He is working on his first party trick, putting his entire fist in his mouth!

Easton is getting better and better during tummy time.  It helps that his reflux is better controlled these days.  At the beginning of the month he was able to grab onto his toys.  On September 30th he woke up on his belly!  Later that day he rolled over again just to show off.  He hasn't done it again but we know he can do it!

He still has his baby blues!  I wonder how long until they change to match his big brother and daddy.

Baby E gets really excited for bath time!  He kicks, smiles, and coos on his changing table while he gets ready for the bath.  Once he hits the water it is game on!  He kicks and splashes, smiling the whole time!  And of course, his big brother is the light of his life!  His eyes following him all around the room and he gets so excited when Logan stops what he is doing to give him a little attention!