Sunday, December 20, 2009

Something I've been meaning to share...

This was taken on November 19th, 2008, Logan's homecoming day. He weighed right around 6 pounds and was exactly 10 weeks old.

Here he is last month on his homecoming anniversary! At 14 months, he weighed about 24 1/2 pounds!! We celebrated by playing at an indoor play place called Monkey Buziness. It was great to see him walking around with all of the other kids his age. Once Kasey got home from work we all went to get ice cream. It was a wonderful day to reflect on just how far our little man has come!

As you can see, he is a VERY busy boy! When he gets up in the morning he makes it his mission to pull out every single toy possible and spread them all over the house! He loves trucks, buses, tractors, and anything else with wheels. He especially loves his Great Uncle John's wooden vehicles! He also loves Elmo. We are still waiting for his vocabulary to expand! So far we have "this," "dada," and "moo." He is very excited about all of the Christmas decorations in our home and around the neighborhood. He can stare at our neighbors lights for hours! We are all very excited about our trip to Kansas. It sounds like we will have a busy week filled with lots of family! Hopefully our drive will be filled with pleasant weather and a sleepy toddler!

Logan is mommy's little helper! Here he is after helping wrap presents. The picture below was taken when he was helping make spaghetti sauce. I guess he thought hand lotion would make the sauce tasty!

Here is a video of Logan batting at ornaments! He finds these very amusing! We wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy 2010! xoxo.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Prematurity Awareness Day

Up until 14 months ago all I knew about the March of Dimes was that cashiers often asked me to donate money and I would get a little piece of paper hung up at their store. Little did I know that this amazing organization would give my 2 lb. 12.3 oz. son with his very first hat when all of the newborn hats that the hospital provided were entirely too big. The March of Dimes has asked to raise awareness about prematurity by blogging our story.
At our 27 week appointment I was measuring two weeks bigger than I should have been. My OB asked Kasey how big he was and he answered close to 10 lbs. The doctor just looked at me and said, "Well, babies tend to be close to the father's birthweight." I cringed. She also informed us that perfectly healthy babies are born three weeks early. As Kasey and I left I remember telling him that if our baby came early he or she would be here in ten weeks! We had a lot to do. Just two days later I was in the hospital for preterm labor and nothing was going to stop our baby boy from making his entrance into the world four days later at only 28 weeks 3 days gestation.
You probably all remember reading this, our first caringbridge post. The next 70 days of our lives would be a roller coaster of emotions. We would learn NICU terms that no new mom and dad should have to worry about; PDA, ROP, bradycardia, desat, residual. We wouldn't be able to hold our child until he was four days old. The sounds of a beeping monitor would make our hearts race and eyes leap to check if Logan was stable. There would be infection scares and days of NPO, no food for LJ. It terrified us to think that we may never leave the hospital with our child.
Even though our introduction to parenthood was the scariest situation imaginable, having a premature baby has taught us several things. We have the most amazing friends, family, and strangers that love and support us. Kasey and my relationship is stronger than we knew. God answers prayers. Our son is a brave, tough, and determined kiddo. Life is precious...don't sweat the small stuff.
Today Logan is an active toddler. Still brave, tough, determined and sometimes pretty stubborn! He is becoming a pretty good walker and has the bumps and bruises to prove it! He weighs 24 lbs. 5 oz. and is in remarkable health given his early arrival.
Hopefully our story has touched you in some way. In honor of Prematurity Awareness Day say a prayer for strength for all of the babies and their families fighting in the NICU. Hug your babies just a little tighter tonight. And, maybe next time your cashier asks you to donate to the March of Dimes you won't hesitate to say "yes!"

Monday, November 9, 2009

He's got more tricks up his sleeve!

This past week Logan has become a more confident walker! He is letting go of furniture and taking numerous steps before running into another piece of furniture or crashing! Here is a video I took last week...

I am sure by Thanksgiving he will be walking everywhere! Here is another quick video of Logan telling you what a cow says ("mmmmm") and blowing you a kiss!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We had such a great Halloween! We spent the day with our good pals the Pellings. Logan was a chicken and Kasey and I attempted to dress like farmers. Logan tolerated trick-or-treating but had to be taken back a bit early for dinner. He had a great time playing with Emmy and Charlie. After dinner Brian built a fire and we went outside to roast marshmallows and make smores. Logan thought they were really yummy and was mesmerized by the fire. Kasey and I were thinking about Logan's first Halloween in the NICU and how different this year was! We posted some then and now pictures to show you what a BIG difference a year can make! Hope you all had a happy Halloween!!

Logan's first Halloween in the NICU

Logan, one year later...what a difference a year makes!

Logan and Elmo, who is wearing Logan's costume from last year!

Our funky chicken taking a break from trick-or-treating.

Another then...
and now!
Daddy and Logan (and leftover smores on his mouth!). Logan is VERY ready for nigh-night!
Logan trick-or-treating! He's getting so close to walking by himself!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Tricks and Treats for you!

It has been entirely too long since I have shared Logan updates with you! I apologize! He is quite active these days bouncing from one activity to the next! He loves to climb on our laps and read books, especially Moo, Baa, La La La (he likes to give the little dogs a BIG kiss!). He has been a chatterbox and has officially added mamama to his vocabulary! We have caught him saying things like "bobble" (bottle) and "bauble" (bubbles) but he refuses to say it again when we ask him to! I am expecting a language explosion one of these days! He will now give me kisses upon request but isn't so sure about kissing dada! Logan has taken his light and fan obsession to the next level by learning how to turn them off and on. We have been trying to take advantage of the last few nice days of Fall. We have been visiting the park where all Logan wants to do is swing. The other day we were swinging for over 45 minutes when I decided it was time to go home for dinner. He threw the biggest fit and just kept pointing at the swings as we headed to the car. He then cried the entire way home. He has become a very speedy crawler and is cruising the furniture like crazy! At therapy he is working on standing on his own and has attempted it a few times this week at home. Pretty soon he will be walking like a pro! Currently he has a little cold, poor guy! He is not a big fan of getting his nose wiped at all!

He has been very busy this month and has been at two pumpkin patches! We went to Edward's Apple Orchard with my parents and Auntie Lauren and Uncle Brian. Logan was a HUGE fan of the fresh-picked raspberries! It was too rainy to pick a pumpkin that day so we went to our local patch the following weekend.

Here he is after Daddy carved his pumpkin! He is lovingly smooching his very first jack-o-lantern! We carved it with four teeth on top and three on the bottom with a crooked grin...just like our boy! Hopefully soon he will get that fourth one on the bottom and even things out a bit!

Logan and Daddy with their finished product...

And finally, for your enjoyment, some videos of our handsome little boy! In this first one he is showing off his new trick of making sounds with his lip...

Sorry the camera is a little shaky on this one...I was doing double duty, cameraman and spotter!

Check out Logan helping Daddy get the guts out of his pumpkin...

That's all for now! Stayed tuned for Halloween pictures!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Logan's New Trick!

We had a very good session at Logan's physical therapy appointment on Monday. Since then he has been crawling everywhere on his hands and knees! Yay!!! Logan was evaluated by the Early Intervention physical therapist yesterday. Based on her observations Logan is no longer delayed for his adjusted age! He is performing mostly as a nine-month-old but is also doing some ten month milestones! She said that she thinks he will be walking by 14 or 15 months. She also believes that he will completely catch up by the time he turns two! I know I say it all the time but he just continues to amaze me! Watch out world, there is nothing this boy can't accomplish if he puts his mind to it!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Logan!

Our happy little birthday boy!

We had a great birthday week! Logan, his Grandma B., Gramma Jan, Papooli, and I brought cupcakes and a card to the NICU and OB's office to thank them for all of the amazing work they did! They were all very excited to see our big boy! We got to visit with Dr. Ghai, you probably remember hearing that name a lot as we neared Logan's discharge date! He gave Logan one of the best compliments saying, "you'd never know he was a preemie." I was so excited to show off my birthday boy, but as you can see in the picture below going back to the NICU drummed up some intense emotions for the grandmas!

After our hospital visit we met up with Daddy at Lincoln Park Zoo. Logan liked watching the gorillas and chimpanzees. He also was amused with the flamingos and a growling leopard!
Our little monkey posing with the monkeys!
We finished off the day with a visit to one of our favorite places in Chicago, Pasta Bowl!! Logan enjoyed a yummy dinner of garlic bread. He didn't really care for much else, especially not Gramma Jan's split pea soup! However, he was a HUGE fan of his first ever cupcake!

He was determined to eat each and every last crumb!

Here he is with his very first sugar high! Whee!!
And here I am, finding it hard to believe that my baby is a year old, sniff!

Last Saturday we celebrated with around forty of Logan's biggest fans! It was so great to be surrounded by many of the people who supported us through the chaos of last September! There was family, old friends, and new friends, and even friends from the NICU. There were so many kids here! Grandma B. made them each a cape to celebrate superhero style! It was a really great day, beautiful weather, yummy food, and the best company!
It's a bird...It's a plane...No, it SuperLogan!!

Logan's birthday cake was made by his incredible Godmother, "Auntie" Lori

Are you all singing for me??

Mommy, Daddy, and their birthday boy

Mmmm! More cake!!


All done, mission complete!

Logan and his pal, Anthony sporting their capes!

Logan and his new red wagon, from one of his newest pals and his wonderful parents.
Today we took our one-year pictures with a new photographer in Morton Grove. This made Logan very happy because it meant his Dada was home ALL day! We can't wait to share the pictures with you, we should have them in 2-3 weeks. We even gave Logan an entire cake to smash all over himself while Jody's camera snapped away...they should be pretty cute! Since Kasey had the day off we decided to spend the afternoon playing at the park.
Our "so big" boy!
Logan is starting to learn how to climb stairs...EEK!
On Wednesday I took Logan for his 12 month well visit with Dr. Chris. She continues to be amazed by how well he is doing! He did have to get a shot in each leg and a finger prick. He was not pleased with the shots but didn't mind the finger poke...he just didn't like the band-aid, so he chewed it off! He weighs 21 lbs. 11 oz (32nd percentile), 29 inches long (25th percentile), and has a huge 47 cm noggin (68th percentile)! He is starting to take one or two crawling strides on his hands and knees, can get himself into seated, and has even started to pull up on things! Whenever he pulls up on his play table he looks around all smiley and proud and waits for us to applaud his accomplishment! Here is how I've been finding him after naps lately...
He is a very determinded boy who knows exactly what he wants, just like he did a year ago!

Friday, September 4, 2009

So Big!!

It is unbelievable to me that in just six days Logan will turn one! As you can see he is reminding us on a daily basis just how big he is! I cannot believe that it was a year ago I was innocently teaching my new class of kindergarteners, only to be surprised with preterm labor on the sixth of September! I have heard that it can be quite difficult reliving the "anniversaries" of a preemie's birth. I have been doing really well with it and I think it has to do with what a truly remarkable kiddo we have! He continues to amaze us every day! He has become so much more aware these days. He points to pictures in books when you ask him where things are. He will find people's nose and mouth but will only find eyes on a picture! When you ask him to come to you he will scoot his way there. He is becoming so interactive which makes him even more fun! He is getting onto his hands and knees and rocking, so I believe that a full-on crawl will be any day now!

We are looking forward to Grandma B.'s arrival on Wednesday. On Logan's birthday, his Grandma B., Papooli, Gramma Jan and I are going to bring cupcakes to the NICU and my OB/GYN's office to celebrate with the people that helped our little fighter. Then we are going to meet up with Daddy at the Lincoln Park Zoo! On the 12th we will be having a superhero themed birthday party for the little guy! Complete with capes, thanks to Grandma B.! It should be a very exciting week! Make sure to check back for updates and great pics!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Door County Trip

Ahhh, one last getaway before Kasey has to return to work. We visited my grandparents up in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin for a few fun-filled and yet relaxing days. We made this same trip last August, right before Logan made his surprise arrival! It was so great bringing my son to visit a place that holds so many great memories for me. Logan and G.G. Carole getting ready to walk to the beach
Logan hanging out with his G.G. Tony

We arrived just after 5pm on Tuesday. Logan had his dinner and then got ready for bed. We decided he better rest up for our action packed schedule! The weather on Wednesday was picture perfect, blue skies, and a comfortable 75 degrees. We went for a hike at Cave Point County Park. Logan loves watching all of the waves crashing on the rocks!
Mommy carrying her BIG boy!
Family pic at Cave Point
After Logan rested up from his big hike we packed him back in the car and went to Hands On art studio. There were all different types of projects we could do, mosiac tiling, pottery painting, even welding! We decided to make Logan a first birthday plate with his hand and footprint. Logan especially loved all of the 10 cats that called the studio home! While we were there he learned to wave! It is the cutest thing! He turns his hand backwards and then waves!
Logan learned to wave!
Logan's footprint (he didn't mind this!)...
and his handprint (not so successful!).
Later that night we met our friends, Brian, Jen, and Paul for dinner. On Thursday we headed to The Farm. This is one of my favorite places in Door County! There are a bunch of animals roaming around that you can feed, pet, and even hold! Logan loved looking but was unsure about petting! Later in the afternoon we headed back to the art studio to pick up Logan's plate. It turned out so cute!
Logan and Daddy playing with a baby goat
Kasey feeding Annabelle (check out her curly tongue!) and Logan trying to avoid being eaten as well!
Logan checking out the chicken hutch
Logan and Mommy looking at the chickens
Farmer LJ
This was one HUGE horse!
Logan is so proud of his project!
The finished product
Logan's footprint from his birthday and his foot a year later! I just can't believe how much he's grown!
It was such a great trip! We can't wait to do it again next year!