Saturday, August 29, 2009

Door County Trip

Ahhh, one last getaway before Kasey has to return to work. We visited my grandparents up in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin for a few fun-filled and yet relaxing days. We made this same trip last August, right before Logan made his surprise arrival! It was so great bringing my son to visit a place that holds so many great memories for me. Logan and G.G. Carole getting ready to walk to the beach
Logan hanging out with his G.G. Tony

We arrived just after 5pm on Tuesday. Logan had his dinner and then got ready for bed. We decided he better rest up for our action packed schedule! The weather on Wednesday was picture perfect, blue skies, and a comfortable 75 degrees. We went for a hike at Cave Point County Park. Logan loves watching all of the waves crashing on the rocks!
Mommy carrying her BIG boy!
Family pic at Cave Point
After Logan rested up from his big hike we packed him back in the car and went to Hands On art studio. There were all different types of projects we could do, mosiac tiling, pottery painting, even welding! We decided to make Logan a first birthday plate with his hand and footprint. Logan especially loved all of the 10 cats that called the studio home! While we were there he learned to wave! It is the cutest thing! He turns his hand backwards and then waves!
Logan learned to wave!
Logan's footprint (he didn't mind this!)...
and his handprint (not so successful!).
Later that night we met our friends, Brian, Jen, and Paul for dinner. On Thursday we headed to The Farm. This is one of my favorite places in Door County! There are a bunch of animals roaming around that you can feed, pet, and even hold! Logan loved looking but was unsure about petting! Later in the afternoon we headed back to the art studio to pick up Logan's plate. It turned out so cute!
Logan and Daddy playing with a baby goat
Kasey feeding Annabelle (check out her curly tongue!) and Logan trying to avoid being eaten as well!
Logan checking out the chicken hutch
Logan and Mommy looking at the chickens
Farmer LJ
This was one HUGE horse!
Logan is so proud of his project!
The finished product
Logan's footprint from his birthday and his foot a year later! I just can't believe how much he's grown!
It was such a great trip! We can't wait to do it again next year!

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