Friday, August 21, 2009

Carefree August

Playing in my PJs!
This is a park near Illinois Masonic Hospital. Before Logan was born we always talked about bringing our kiddo we did!


Splashing with Uncle Paul
Fun in the laundry basket

Reading the paper

Look! I found a new place to play!

Splashing in deck puddles

Snuggling with Daddy

Standing at my play table. Sometimes I get brave enough to let go!

I just wanted to check in and share some pictures from this month. Logan is doing well! He is very busy these days, army crawling everywhere and saying dididadada! He has gotten his two top teeth in and we are seeing three more making there way down! We have been enjoying having Kasey at home and spending a lot of time outside. Logan especially likes visiting splash parks so he can watch all of the kids and play in the water. Next week we are headed up to Door County to visit G.G. Tony and G.G. Carole. I will definitely have more stories and pictures to share then! Besides that we are just gearing up for the big Superhero 1st birthday bash! Hope all is well!

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