Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Updates Galore

Logan has been quite a busy boy these days! He has officially found his toes and is constantly grabbing them! I have been so impressed with the progress he has made in the 3 visits he's had to his physical therapist. He is also able to sit unassisted for a couple minutes before tipping! He is able to reach for his toys while he is sitting. We are still working on tummy time! Although, he is tolerating it more and more and beginning to reach for things while in that position. He got his first tooth a couple of weeks ago and loves biting things (not so good for mama!). He is eating a lot of new foods; kiwi, watermelon, pasta, graham crackers, yogurt, and peaches. He is ADDICTED to Gerber puffs and vegi "cheesy poofs". He also has started drinking water out of a cup...he couldn't quite figure out the sippy part so we are moving straight to a cup!

Logan made his first visit to mom's Alma Mater in Champaign two weekends ago to celebrate his Uncle Paul's graduation! He did really well until we all started shouting for Paul and then he let out a big yell (I think he just wanted to add to the hoots and hollars!). Logan had his first visit to the zoo on May 21st. We went with Lori, Emmy, and Charlie Pelling and met his Aunt Jenny, Uncle Marc, Tyler, Madison, Jake, and G.G. Carole! We had a really great time even though we only were able to see a couple of animals before it was time to head back for a nap! We took Logan for his first swim last Sunday. He was not so sure about the oversized bathtub! He tolerated it but didn't love it like I thought he might!
We were so lucky to have Grandma B. in for a visit this past weekend. She was such a BIG help watching Logan while we were busy at Auntie Lauren's wedding!!! Logan was the ring bearer (Kasey was the bearer of the ring bearer!). He did a great job despite having a cold. He looked quite handsome in his baby tux! Logan is very excited to have a brand new uncle (ggguuuhhh..)!
Kasey is finishing up the school year on June 12th. He is going to be teaching summer school but he will have fewer hours and probably only be working 4 days a week. We are looking forward to some summer fun on his free days! We are going to be heading to Kansas the first week in July to visit with Uncle Jamie and Uncle John and to meet Aunt Traci and cousin Grace! Logan will have his 9 month well-visit on June 15th. I can't wait to see how much he has grown, I can wait, however, for the shots...yuck! We have scheduled his circumsision revision surgery for July 29th. I am already stressed about it! That's all of our updates for now! Hope you are all well! xo.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

First, I have to say happy 8 month birtdhday LJ!! Today I realize how truly blessed I am! I have a super-tough, funny, loveable, HEALTHY baby! I also have an amazing and loving husband (who is a GREAT daddy!). Today Kasey took care of Logan so that I could sleep in until 9:00!!! Wow! It was incredible how alert I felt! I awoke to find that Kasey had dressed Logan in his "I love Mommy" shirt-isn't that sweet of him! My boys got me a spa gift certificate to get pampered for a day! After Logan's nap (when Daddy read him "The Mommy Book") we went to brunch at my favorite place. Kasey even went to the grocery store for me! I am such a lucky mama to have such incredible boys in my life! I had such a wonderful Mother's Day...I sure hope all of you did too!!
Logan "kissing" Daddy
Last week we started going to Logan's physical therapy. His therapist, Beth, showed me a lot of different exercises to help catch him up to his actual age. We are supposed to work on him reaching for his toys, sitting and reaching for the floor/toys, and rolling from his back to his tummy and then spending time on his tummy reaching for toys. The picture below was taken on Friday...he sat long enough for me to snap a pic!!

On Friday we went to lunch with Maureen and Jackson. Jackson was born in October at nearly 30 weeks and spent some time in the NICU at the same time as Logan! Jackson and Logan are now about the same weight and drooling like madmen! It was so great to see our amazing healthy boys together outside of Illinois Masonic!
Logan seems to be growing so much lately! He is blowing through his 3-6 month clothes and is wearing some 9 month shirts! Of course his legs have some catching up to do!! He also is developing quite a personality. He yells when he is mad or frustrated and he has a variety of different laughs and giggles! He is still struggling with naps but I couldn't ask for a greater kiddo! xo.