Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Logan's New Trick!

We had a very good session at Logan's physical therapy appointment on Monday. Since then he has been crawling everywhere on his hands and knees! Yay!!! Logan was evaluated by the Early Intervention physical therapist yesterday. Based on her observations Logan is no longer delayed for his adjusted age! He is performing mostly as a nine-month-old but is also doing some ten month milestones! She said that she thinks he will be walking by 14 or 15 months. She also believes that he will completely catch up by the time he turns two! I know I say it all the time but he just continues to amaze me! Watch out world, there is nothing this boy can't accomplish if he puts his mind to it!

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  1. hello logan is looking great! i lost your email address. i want to invite you to keelan's bday oct 25. it would be lovely if you can come. i hope you can. please email me to
    many hugs

    francis, william and keelan
    we are on facebook-francis allende