Sunday, December 28, 2014


Somehow Logan is old enough to be in Kindergarten!  He was very excited to return to Sunflower and have the amazing Mrs. Furlong as his teacher.  He is an official member of the Kingdom of Kindergarten and has made some really good friendships!    

However, after the first week of school Logan's anxiety got the best of him.  He woke every morning with a stomachache, crying about going to school.  It was extremely hard for him to separate from me as the school day began.  We were both pushing our stamina to the max as we adjusted to being at school full days.  My heart broke as a held his clammy hand down to his classroom.  

Eventually we put together a box of tools and strategies for him to use when he felt nervous.  We made sure that he applied his "calm down" oil from Miss Amy.  He carried a curled up photo booth picture of our family as well as a Lego minifigure.  

One of his biggest stressors was lunch.  He wasn't eating, having stomach pain, and loosing weight.  His rock star teacher made accommodations for him to eat in the classroom until he was able to rejoin his classmates.  

Finally, after our Thanksgiving break Logan started to look forward to going to school!  He woke up happy and got ready without being asked 104 times.  He couldn't wait to see his "bros" and play at recess.  This mama was SO happy!!

He still has a hard time on "special" days; pirate day, learning celebration, popcorn powwow.  Logan enjoys routines and schedules.  When his normal is altered he gets nervous.  It seems like it is getting easier for him and he has gotten better at self-talk, taking deep breaths, and praying through the anxiety.  

As a former kindergarten teacher I was thrilled for my son to begin his big adventure in K.  I couldn't help but feel frustrated as the things that brought the most excitement to most kinders caused him incredible anxiety.  Logan has always been my cautious little worrier and I have learned that I cannot change that about him.  It is what makes Logan, Logan and I love that kid more than my heart can handle!  

Birthday celebration kindergarten style!  

Mmm, cookie cake!!

Learning Celebration picnic, I love being at school with my dude!!

Bus selfie for Logan's kindergarten field trip

LJ and one of the bros, "J"

Another bro, "L"

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