Tuesday, March 5, 2013

12 Reasons I Am Lovin' on Logan

1. He is a trooper.  My boy looked forward to going to the "Monster Dome" for months, 2 of them to be exact!  The night before the big event my little dude ended up with the stomach flu.  He woke up with a high fever and was incredibly lethargic.  However, Logan wasn't going to let a little illness get him down!  He suited up in his best monster truck shirt and got in the car.  Halfway there mama had to get creative and practice catching some unpleasant side effects from the back seat!  A little puke didn't keep us away!  He powered through and talks about it as if it was the best day of his life!

Big boys still need their mamas!!
 2.  He is such an excitable dude!  A couple of weeks ago we were blowing bubbles outside and he kept yelling, "Wow mama, did you see that?!?  It was HUNORMOUS!"

3.  He loves his brother.  I remember finding out that Easton was a boy and being thrilled to give Logan a little brother.  I knew that despite their almost 4 years difference in age that they would be the best of buds.

4.  He has a way with words.  My favorite phrase that Logan uses now is, "That is the worst thing I never heard/saw."  It cracks me up every time!

5.  He has a way with numbers too!  Everything is 158-hundred, for instance, "I have like 158-hundred cars."  One of his teachers told me that he and his friends compare how many pictures they do at the art table with these outrageous figures!

6.  He is adorable and I just love this picture!  We had the best time during our four snow days!  It is so nice to be a teacher, who is married to an educator, that has time off with their kids.  We built a snow fort (which turned into this tunnel), drank hot chocolate, went sledding, and stayed in our jammies all day!

7.  He is so smart.  He loves to do puzzles, read, and know everything.  Today, out of the blue, he told Kasey, "The word submarine means under the sea."
 8.  He is so big, big enough to play in our neighbors backyard with the mommies only checking out the window.  I almost crumbled at how big this is.

9.  He dresses up.  Usually he is a firefighter but right now he is into being a race car driver or a dirt bike racer.  What a hoot!

 10.  He has a very best buddy that he cares about so much.  You should see how excited he gets to play with his friend!  It makes me so happy!

11.  He's got the moves like Jagger!  He loves to crank up the music and dance all over our house.  He and his daddy make up moves and then name them.
12.  He has a big heart.  The other day we were heading to Trader Joe's and he spotted someone carrying some flowers out of the store.  He said to me, "Mommy, how come you never get flowers?"  I told him that he should ask his daddy that!  He responded, "I can get some flowers for you."  Melted my heart to the point of tearing up in the store.  He carefully inspected all of the flowers to insure that he picked the very best ones.  He also had to make sure that some were orange because it is his favorite color.

We have been attending a new church.  During Sunday school they have a treasure box where the kids can give their offering.  Typically we give him a dollar to put in the treasure box.  A couple of weeks ago I noticed that he had a pile of change on his dresser.  When I asked him if he wanted to put it in his piggy bank he said, "No, that is for God."  Adorable.

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