Friday, February 8, 2013

9 Months

Look at this little cutie!!  This has been a big month for Mr. E.!  He can sit up all by himself now, we have stopped wearing a bib all the time and discontinued his reflux medicine!  He weighs 18 pounds and 1 oz and is 28 inches long.  The best news is that this dude is in the 35th percentile for height, 17th for weight, and 72nd for head circumference, among other 9-month-olds (not 31-weekers!).  

He has also become much more content.  He is still my determined little man but has much fewer freak outs.  He has even stopped throwing fits about getting into his car seat!

Easton knows just how to melt his mommy's heart!  I love hearing him "talk" with his "ah-boos" and "ah-baas."  He concentrates very hard while making raspberries by blowing air through his lips!  E makes the sweetest growly sounds before falling asleep, he almost sounds like ET, it is so cute!  The other day he kept giving me big squeezes when I picked him up from daycare.  He is also starting to get some separation anxiety.  He is not a fan when I leave the room, it breaks my heart to hear him get so upset but I also love knowing just how much he loves his mama!

Easton knows what he wants and that just happens to be mama's camera!!
He's handling tummy time a bit better these days.

Now that he can sit he loves playing with the mobile in his crib!  I think it is about time to say bye-bye to that toy....

Mmm, look who also got his first taste of ice cream!

E baby is all about feeding himself.  He has tried all kinds off goodies; fish, kiwis, bagels, french toast, waffles, you name it!

Handsome little man!

Easton has been a busy boy.  This month he had a play date with Lucas and...
Mac (Mason was there too!).

Of course, there has been plenty of wrestle-dogging going on at the Weishaar's!
My boys helped me feel extra-special on my birthday!

My big boy can hold his own bottle!

Visiting daddy at work!

Helping out big brother make a safari jeep (not too interested  in this activity!).

This past week Easton got his first high fever.  Poor dude was so worn out!  It took a couple of doctor's visits to figure out that he has an ear infection in his right ear.  Hopefully it will clear up very soon!
Cookie face!
One of Easton's favorite times of day, bath time!
Cute little diaper dude, happy as a clam!
Look at the newest member of Jersey Shore!  Maybe he can hang out with Snookie's baby!  He is all set with his Puma track suit and cold chain!  

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