Tuesday, January 8, 2013

8 months

Hey!  Look at me!  I am 8 months old and really filling up this basket.  Too bad Logan tells me that mom will still take pictures of me in this thing when I am big like him!  These days I am weighing in at a whoppin' 17 lbs!

 I have been working on sitting up all by myself!  I know!  I am as surprised as you are!  Just check out all of my cute expressions!
I also have been grabbing my toes like crazy.  They sure are fun!

 I still have my sweet baby blues.  They are my secret weapon against my mommy!
 I am such a big dude.  I am working on using these neat sippy cups that Santa brought me.  I am really good at getting the water out and letting it soak my entire body!

I am a big fan of eating!  I especially like anything I can feed myself.  Sweet potatoes with apples and banana, blueberry, cantaloupe are some of my favs.
I have been spending a lot of time chillin' with my big brother.  He is so entertaining!

I also like wrestling my daddy.  It is so fun!  I grab his hair and face while pulling him near me and screaming!  I think he enjoys our little game!
 Technically I did this today when I was 8 months 3 days but my mama says I can count it.  I can sit all by myself!!!   I am still trying to spend more time on my tummy but I prefer to just roll over and kick, much more fun!  I am also "chatting" a whole bunch.  I am most talkative in the morning.  I like to shriek as loud as I can and say "ah-ba" and "ah-ma."

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