Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo will welcome "Baby Chips"

Sara made it through yesterday like a champ. She had to have magnesium all day as well as antibiotics and even threw in some morphine. Needless to say, she was pretty emotional and cloudy throughout the day. She continued to bleed when she moved positions and contractions never did completely stop. Today we woke up and the doctors confirmed that baby E would be delivered today. With placenta previa there are some scary things that could potentially happen once they begin the C section so all the prayers for both baby and mama are needed. Baby E has been a trooper throughout this ordeal and the nurses and doctors have all commented on how great he's handled things since we got here on Monday. Sara is currently 31 weeks and one day along so this gives us confidance going into the NICU. Doctors have just walked in and told us we're going at 10am. Thanks for all of your love!

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  1. Lots of prayers from the Haubers! Fitting that chips is born on a day when "chips" and salsa are a necessity :)