Sunday, May 13, 2012

Baby Easton Update

Look who is wearing jammies tonight!  Yay Easton!  He is currently working on being able to maintain his temperature.  He will be dressed and wrapped in blankets as the temperature  in his isolette is lowered.  If he can hold his temperature for a couple of days they will move him to an open air crib!

He got his umbilical line removed and is no longer receiving antibiotics.  He is up to 35 mL of breast milk every 3 hours.  They are fortifying it to 22 calories to try to chunk him up!  They are lowering the flow on his nasal cannula by .1 every 3 hours.  If he is able to tolerate it without having an increased amount of episodes he will have his cannula removed at midnight tonight!  We feel so blessed to have such a tough little man!  I am so lucky to be Logan and Easton's mommy!

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  1. soooo those preemie jams I sent are going to be too small huh? DARN!! (just kidding, go get him some big boy jams). I forgot to send your the gift receipt... but any carter's will take them back and give you store credit. Miss you guys.