Monday, May 7, 2012

Snuggle Time Update

I went up at 11:00 to help with Easton's cluster care and get in some kangaroo (skin-to-skin holding) care in.  I got to change another diaper and man can that boy poop!  Then we got to snuggle in.  As soon as I started holding him he set off his alarms and a nurse had to come in to help us.  When our nurse came back I asked her what was alarming and she informed me that he was oxygenating high.  This means that since he is on the high-flow cannula his oxygen is usually set to 25%.  When he was on me he was breathing better and his oxygen needed to be turned down to 21%, or room air (what you and I breath)!  I was so happy that our closeness was helping his health!  When we put him back in his isolette he needed to be turned back up to 25% but he'll kick that habit soon I am sure of it!  He also did a great job sucking on his paci!  I keep encouraging him to use it so that he can practice sucking in order to be a champion nurser.  Hopefully we'll get to try that in a couple of weeks!  What a great night in the NICU!  I just love my preemie boys.


  1. Oh this made me tear up! I'm so happy he was breathing better just because he was laying with his mama! What a precious thing! I love your updates. Your family is such a trooper, I love seeing the strength you show-it's truely inspiring!

  2. This is AWESOME, Sara! Just goes to show you how much a boy needs his mama! Glad you're home now. Easton will be there with you before you know it! :-)