Sunday, May 27, 2012

3 weeks!

Easton is doing great!  His gestational age is 34 weeks 2 days and he is 22 days old!  Last night he tipped the scales at a whoppin' 5 lbs!  He is nursing twice a day and then receiving half of his feed (21 mL) through his NG tube.  He has had two bottles.  The first one he drained like a champ!  The second one he took 10 mL and decided that he didn't want to work for his food and had the nurse give the rest through his NG tube.  He has had Nurse M for the last 2 days.  She is dead serious about getting him out of the box.  She encouraged me to bring in some t-shirts to put on under his pjs to help him maintain his temperature.  Yesterday she turned the isolette down .5 degrees and she plans to lower it another .5 today.  He will be at 27.5 degrees.  Once he is at 27 degrees for 24 hours they will put him in an open air crib.  

Last week we got to watch Easton's sponge bath.  It was so cute to see him all wrapped up in his towel, wire free!  

Easton loves snuggling with his daddy!  I think Daddy loves it too!
Here are some comparison pictures of the boys!  (Kasey and I too!  Geesh, not sure if it is parenting or just the years that have aged us!)

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