Friday, May 4, 2012

Oh What a Night

Thursday was a very good day for Sara as there were visitors throughout the day and everything remained calm in her world. I was able to work and picked up a lot of things from the house she had requested. I got to the hospital around 5pm and left for the night around 9:30pm to go home and grab some sleep. Unfortunately at 1:45am, my phone rang and Sara let me know she had been bleeding quite heavily beginning at 11pm and contractions were coming on stronger and stronger as she spoke. By the time I arrived at the hospital it looked like we would be delivering. The doctor told us to prepare for a delivery, but she did want to follow up with the specialist to discuss a course of action. She came back and let us know that they would try to slow the contractions and bleeding with the Magnesium. They hooked all of the tubes and cords back onto Sara just as she had on Monday. Slowly her contractions weakened and began to space out and the blood slowed to a minimum. These were all positive signs. We tried to both grab a little sleep, but an hour or so later, Sara woke up and felt some wetness. Thinking it was more blood, she contacted the nurse. This time it was determined that her bag of water may have broke. They performed the test to check and confirmed that it was probable that the bag had indeed broke. Once again we mentally prepared to have baby E and the doctor went to consult with the specialist again. She let us know that he was on his way to perform an ultrasound in approximately 40 minutes to determine how the fluid was around baby E. Sara's contractions had not changed and the babies health appeared great, so we tried to close our eyes and get a little more rest. They added some antibiotics to her IV's to prevent any infections. The specialist arrived as planned and found that the fluid around the baby was good. We wouldn't need to deliver unless Sara went into labor or significant bleeding came back. We both were able to fall asleep for a few hours of rest and now are awaiting how her body reacts throughout the day. Her contractions continue to space out for now, so we are hopeful we can get another day or two further as we know how important it is to baby E to stay put as long as he can. It's been a crazy morning but Sara is in good spirits. We are reassured by the fact that medicine has advanced even further since Logan was born and baby E has an extra 2 weeks more developmetn than his big brother. Thanks for all the kind words and prayers. Kasey

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