Monday, May 7, 2012

The Evening News

I went up at noon today to deliver some milk to Easton and got way more!  I got to snuggle with him for a half hour while I talked to his nurse, nurse practitioner, and doctor.  Easton was having more issues with his respiration and blood gas level so they put him on high-flow nasal cannula.  They explained that this was one of the "setbacks" that preemies have.  Kasey and I just keep hoping that this road may be a lot less bumpy if this is considered a setback!  The high-flow gives him added pressure to help increase the productiveness of his breaths.  Hopefully his respiratory issues resolve themselves within this first week.  They are also going to keep him on antibiotics for seven days to ward off a possible infection.  I asked about starting feedings and they said that he could start today!  He has had 3 5mL feedings!  He gets them every three hours and has been tolerating them well so far.  Tonight when we went to see him he was crying and crying and finally settled down once he had his milk.  I'd say he likes to be fed!  I was also very pleased that the nurse practitioner mentioned that they liked to send home the babies between 36 and 37 weeks!  I cannot believe that on his second day of life they are already talking discharge with us!  If he can be a tough little fighter this would bring him home in about 4 weeks at the beginning of June! 

In addition to Easton's great news, we had a wonderful family visit tonight.  Some of Kasey's coworkers made a wonderful meal of veggies, salad, bread, cookies, and spaghetti and meatballs for us.  We decided to take it outside for a picnic.  Logan just kept telling me he was so excited!  Before we went down I needed to pump and Logan was sure that he helped.  He got all up close and personal and even helped me place my flanges!  Then when the colostrum started coming out he asked "is that pee?"  Laughing with a c-section incision is very difficult but it was so worth it!  After the pumping was finished Logan and I sat in the wheel chair as daddy pushed us upstairs to deliver the milk to the NICU.  Logan is such a proud big brother, it melts my heart!  He gave the milk to the receptionist and asked if he could have a big brother sticker!  The picnic was yummy and a lot of fun!  As we finished up our friends Heather and Scott came by for a visit.  They were so sweet to bring us a nice gift and even came up to meet baby E. 

Poor Kasey isn't feeling well and cannot visit the NICU until he is symptom free for 24 hours.  He went home a bit early so that he could take his medicine and get to bed.  Hopefully tomorrow he'll be feeling well again.  I know he hates not going to see his boy! 

I saw my doctors today and they thought that given what I had been through they would keep me one more day.  I will be heading home on Wednesday around noon.  B is going to be staying with us for a couple of weeks to help out with Logan and get me from place to place while I recover.  I am very lucky to have the help!  Hopefully all this positive news will keep on coming!

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