Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Break!

We had a wonderful Spring break full of family fun!  St. Patrick's Day holds special meaning for the Weishaars.  Kasey and I used to go to celebrate each year at the South Side parade.  The first year he told me, "So what if I love you, who cares?"  These days the parade has two more Weishaars in attendance and our bags are packed with diapers and snacks rather than adult beverages!  My heart is full beyond measure!
 On Monday we headed to Omaha.  The boys did great on the three hour car ride.  E napped....
 Logan watched dvds...
 and mommy and daddy were happy that the children were content!
 We started off our trip by visiting the Old Market area.  The kids had fun visiting an old-fashioned candy store.  They also had several "antiques" that Kasey and I recognized from our childhood!  I prefer the term "vintage" as opposed to "antiques!"  Since it was St. Patty's Day we headed to Upstream Brewery for dinner.  It was delish!  Easton loved squeezing through these two poles while we waited for our food.
 Then it was back to the hotel for the boys' favorite part, the pool!  Easton kept requesting "mo bath, froggie!"  Logan was a fish!  He loved the big slide in the background!

 On Tuesday we went to the Omaha zoo and it lived up to all the hype!  It had several really cool buildings, the dessert, jungle, and aquarium were are favorites.  Logan was bummed we didn't see any flamingos but E was pumped to check out all of the monkeys!

Logan wanted me to take a picture with him and the pre-mutagen Ninja Turtles!

 Kasey got a bit nostalgic when he saw that the old home of the College World Series was torn down.  He enjoyed reminiscing with his boys at the mini stadium!
 Our final day we went to the Omaha children's museum.  Logan had fun making a circuit using play-doh...
 and creating a spaceman from recyclables.
 Easton of course spent a majority of his time playing in the ball area!

 He also helped put out a fire!
 Logan drove an ambulance and several other vehicles!  He was in heaven!

 Logan also enjoyed creating a car to race.

 On Thursday Logan received a special delivery, LEGOLAND tickets!!!  He was so excited that we had no choice but to go that afternoon!

 Easton loved the Sporting KC built out of "degos."
 Logan loved the speedway that had real racing.
 All of the boys were impressed by the Chief's stadium!
 Of course Logan's favorite part was building vehicles to race down ramps.

 Logan and I also loved riding the flying couches.

It has been a wonderful break and has me looking forward to making many memories this summer!  It is hard to believe how fast these dudes are growing up! 

 Logan will be in Kindergarten in five short months.  He is obsessed with Legos and trucks, some things never change!  He also has a great vocabulary and cracks us up with his grown up comments!  The other day he told me that something was "totally mediocre!"  

Easton is almost 2!!  He is hilarious!  He tells you "bless you" when you sneeze, cough, or burp!  He is OBSESSED with sports!  His favorite is baseball.  He will hand you a bat and tell you a "batterup" just before he wails a ball in your direction!  He also likes to dunk.  It is quite possibly the sweetest thing to have him fall asleep on me at nap time and make smoochy sounds when I tell him I love him. 

Life is good. 

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