Sunday, April 20, 2014

Let the Games Begin!

A couple of weekends ago Logan started a new soccer program.  We LOVE it!  His coach is wonderful and has actually taught him a handful of skills in a short amount of time.  It was priceless to see him score his first goal, mouth agape, hands raised, and a look of shock and excitement on his face.  We had to remind him to stay on the field as he ran towards us to celebrate his accomplishment!

Later that evening we took the boys to their first Sporting game of the season.  It was E's very first game!  He loved it and has not stopped talking about it since, "a boom-boom," "kick-goal, a miss."  Translation: he saw fireworks and they kicked at the goal but missed, score 0-0!

That Monday we got to meet Dom Dwyer and Soony Saad from Sporting KC at Kasey's school.  They were unbelievably kind to my boys!  Logan was a bit star struck and got very bashful upon meeting them.  He ran down the hall to hide his embarrassment.  Soony kicked the ball to him and they passed it back and forth having a conversation as they rejoined the group.  This family LOVES Sporting KC!!

A few days later mommy and daddy decided to play hookie and take the boys to a Royals game!  Another first for Easton!  They both loved the game and the numerous snacks they shoveled into their mouths!  They made it all 9 innings and enjoyed a Royals victory!

This weekend we were back on the soccer field and Logan scored 3 GOALS!!  All of his practice is paying off!

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