Monday, January 6, 2014

20 months

I have come to the shocking realization that now that Christmas is behind us Easton's birthday is only 4 short months away!  I swear I just threw him a 1st birthday party and pretty soon he will be 2!!!  AHH!!!

I absolutely love this age.  He is a little parrot that will attempt any word you throw at him.  He idolizes his big brother.  They like playing games together that require lots of running and shrieking, my personal favorite is "run and go jumping jacks."

He is in love with books!  He especially loves a couple of his brother's old board books, Touchdown and Home Run.  He spends hours "reading," being read too, and sleeping with these favorites!

 E was so enthralled by all of the Christmas lights this year.  Whenever we would see him he would yell and then say "more!"  When the neighbors' lights would come on he would stare out the window, point, and say "WOW!"
He is as silly as they come!  He will do anything to make you laugh.  When he gets in trouble he gives you a devilish grin to make sure you are really serious!

 He is also strong-willed and feisty!  Here he is throwing a big fit in the middle of Union Station.  Perfect.

 Have I mentioned how much he loves his brother?  Here they are having a dance party at Union Station while their were dancers performing on stage!
 He despises the cold.  I think he is already making plans to go live with his Uncle John in Hawaii!

 He continues to be the world's biggest sports fan!  He loves his new pitching machine and daddy was so proud when he took his first real swing!  He watches football and yells "TOUCHDOWN," "hike," "run," and "tackle!"  He runs around screaming "PLAY BALL," "FLY BALL...catzch," and "home run!"

He is our wild and crazy little man who fills our home with lots of laughter!

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