Monday, January 6, 2014

Merry & Bright

We had so much fun this holiday season!  Logan and I could hardly wait to put up the trees this year!  I admit that they made their appearance before Thanksgiving, oops!  We even drug all the supplies out when Kasey was at work!  Logan now has so many ornaments that he can fill his entire tree in his room.  He was very nervous about his tree this year.  The first night it was in there I had to remove it at about 3AM!  I think he was worried that his elf was going to make an appearance on it like he did last year.  

 We did wait for daddy to help us decorate the big tree!  I was surprised how well E did with the tree.  He had a couple favorite ornaments that he liked to take off and play with, luckily neither were breakable!
 On December 1st Santa Elf showed up to watch over the Weishaar brothers.  This year he brought the kindness jar with him.  Everyday the boys were instructed to take one card out of the jar and complete the random act of kindness.  Logan woke up every morning excited to see what our elf was up to and the kind deed of the day!  It was a wonderful way to distract him from how many presents he was expecting.
 We put quarters in carts at Aldi and distributed them, made treats and delivered them to firefighters, neighbors, and NICU families and nurses.  He helped Kasey and I do chores and bake treats.  We brought hot chocolate to bell ringers and donated money to the kettle.
 He made cards for his special teachers at school and gave them a gift card to get their favorite drink.

 He made a Christmas card for the mail carrier and put it in the mailbox.
 He also made a large sign for the trash collectors and taped it to our garbage can.
All said and done we did 24 things for other people and in the end we were blessed!

Logan performed in our church's Christmas musical "Angels We Have Heard."  We were asked to submit a photo of Logan and his hero.  This year he idolizes C.J. Sapong from our local soccer team, Sporting KC.  It was so cool to watch them win the MLS cup this season!
 Easton looked dapper even though he was just an audience member!
 Logan was as cute as can be in his halo!
 How cute is he up there, I think he may have been checking to make sure God was in attendance!
 Grandma B, Gramma Jan, and Papooli were there to ooh and ahh!
 We made our annual trip to Bass Pro Shop to visit Santa Claus and enjoy all of the Christmas activities.

 The boys did pretty well with the big dude.  Logan was nervous to tell him what he wanted so he brought his list so Santa wouldn't forget.  This year he wanted Ninja Turtles Lego sets.  Easton wasn't too sure about the whole thing but tolerated it.
 Papi joined us on our visit to Union Station's model train exhibit.  Logan especially loved the Lego village.

 Have I mentioned how awesome it is to have my parents in town!?!  It is so cool to watch my boys make memories with all of their grandparents!

 The boys took a ride on Rudy.

 The day after break started we got our first snowfall!  It was only a couple of inches but it was all we needed!  Easton really does not enjoy the cold weather!
 Logan was pumped to try out his new sled!

 On Christmas Eve the grandparents came over.  The boys had a lot of fun playing with indoor snowballs one of my school parents made.  Makes my heart smile to see the love!

 Christmas morning started around 7:15!  That is an improvement from last year!  While we waited for Gramma Jan and Papi to arrive the boys got busy unpacking their stockings.

 Easton got Benny the Bull.  His favorite part is when Benny bucks him off!  It is cute to hear him say "Benn-A" when he wants to play.  Also notice the adorable tongue!  This is Easton's signature silly face!
 Logan did a great job passing out all of the packages.  He had a hard time taking turns and really just wanted to rip into all of his presents!
 Logan went shopping at our school store and bought gifts for all us and the grandparents.  He was so proud to give Easton his tennis ball!
 Uncle Paul sent some wresting buddies from Boston.  Logan dominated John Cena and Easton took down the Rock.

 Logan got a car maker and two TMNT Lego sets from Santa.
 Uncle John sent the boys matching "Toothy" ride on bouncy balls!
 I am not sure who was more excited about daddy's gift to Logan!  It is a circuit set that can light up, make a fan spin, and bells ring.
 Santa knew that E would love a new baseball glove and a couple of soft baseballs.  Mommy and daddy also provided his first (extremely noisy) pitching machine!
 It wouldn't be Christmas without "some" assembly required.  E and the grandmas lent helping hands!

 Logan tried out his new razor bike in the snowy parking lot.  He was pretty disappointed when he realized it wouldn't spark in the snow.  Mommy tried it out and it is WAY fun, once you get it going really fast you turn and it spins you round and round!

 Easton enjoyed extra snuggles and books with Papi!
 He borrowed his brothers superhero costume to become Captain America.
We headed to Topeka the day after Christmas to celebrate with Jamie and Grace.  We were spoiled with some really neat gifts from B's trip to Ireland!  It was really cool to see our niece just as excited about Christmas as our little dudes were!
 The boys had a blast playing with their cousin!  They especially loved that she shagged balls when they launched out of E's new ball tent!

 My sister and her family came for a visit later that week.  It was so fun to have all of the cousins together.  We tried to get a nice picture of them but Easton refused to cooperate!

 Logan was very excited that Auntie Lauren and Uncle Brian brought him this Rafael getup!
 Easton was pumped to have more playmates!
We had one more visitor to ring in 2014!  Logan was so excited to have Uncle Zach over to build army vehicles out of Legos.

We closed out 2013 surrounded by people we love, eating yummy food, and hearts full from our many blessings!  Kasey and I rang in the new year with Jamie and his new lady Dana!  It was the perfect way to welcome in 2014!  We are looking forward to making many more fun memories!

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