Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Homecoming Easton!

On Wednesday, June 13th, after 3 brady-free days we started gaining hope that Easton would really be coming home soon.  We would watch the monitors very closely to make sure he was behaving!  The doctors also saw that he was doing well and ordered his MRI and circumcision to be done on Thursday.  I was very concerned that a day that included two big procedures would send Mr. E. into another brady-crazy few days. 

When I arrived on Thursday they told me that his MRI was scheduled for 9:30.  I fed him, snuggled him, and gave him a pep talk about behaving himself!  
His nurse, Charlotte, swaddled him, strapped him in his compression suit, put on his earmuffs and hat, and away he went! 
When they returned, Charlotte told me that he had done well and slept through the entire thing!  As soon as we got back to his room Dr. Brunner was waiting to do his circumcision.  Eek!  Poor baby!  Dr. Brunner explained the procedure, I left, and within 10 minutes she came to get me.  She was very proud of her work!  

When Dr. Castro rounded that day she asked me what the plan was, to which I replied, "You tell me."  She looked at me and said, "Tomorrow."  I was beyond excited but kept my cool.  I understood that if Easton had a brady between that moment and discharge our dreams of homecoming would be shattered.

Kasey, Logan, and I rushed around buying last minute things that Easton would need if he really got to come home.  We finally set the pack and play up in our room, installed the car seat bases, and got other baby gear out of storage.  

The morning of the 15th, we went to the grocery store knowing that this chore would be a lot more difficult with two children!  Then we headed to the hospital.  Receptionists and nurses kept coming up to us saying, "Today is a big day!"  I was excited but still couldn't believe it until we were actually out the doors!  We did a lot of waiting but finally Dr. Castro came in to do Easton's discharge exam and fill out paperwork!  Easton was officially coming home!!
Charlotte took off all of his leads and his pulse/ox.  There was no chance that he would set off an alarm now!
 Daddy posed for a picture with the octopus!  He had been impressed by this room in the new wing of the NICU when he toured.  He was very proud when it became Easton's!
Mommy was pumped about holding her "cordless" baby!  
 See you later room 50!
 Easton did great in the car...
 I rode in the back seat with him but was much more calm than I was when we brought Logan home.

We were welcomed home by Gramma and Logan's artwork! 
Logan greeted us in the garage with a huge smile on his face!  He was so excited for Baby Easton to come home! 
 He wanted to show his baby brother Mater and McQueen.
 As you can see, Easton was very impressed!
 Then he wanted to hold him.

 Although Logan was not excited about it, we finally got a decent picture of the FOUR of us!
 Gramma Jan and Poppi were happy to hold the wee one without me reminding him about his chin dipping down or analyzing the monitors!  It was so nice that they got a day to snuggle with him before heading home.
 Can you tell Poppi is in love??
 Then the little man took a snooze in his big bed! 
Later that evening he took a nap on his daddy.

He did a great job welcoming us back into newborn parenting.  He screamed his head off from about 11pm-2am!  Kasey and I took turns trying to figure out how to calm him down.  We got a couple of hours of sleep.  When he woke up to eat at 6am he was crying so loud that he woke up his big brother.  Luckily we convinced him to go back to sleep for a couple of hours!  It was a rough first night but we wouldn't trade it!  It is great having our whole family in our home!


  1. Your whole family at home...I am so unbelievably happy for you, Sara! I can't wait to meet the little guy!

  2. You look so happy! I am so happy he's home.

  3. Love ALL of the Pictures! I can't wait to see you all, Love you Weishaar Family!