Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

I feel especially blessed this Father's Day.  I was able to spend time with my dad and introduce him to his newest grandchild.
 I am married to an incredible man.  
 He has given me two tough little boys to love.  He has been my strength when I was tired.  I know that together we can make it through anything!
 Today he got to spend Father's Day with both of his boys!  This was the best gift he could have received!
 In addition, I sent him and Logan on a scavenger hunt around the house to search for his presents.  The last one was something I worked on in between E's feedings at the hospital.  I wrote the lyrics to Brad Paisley's "Anything Like Me."  I can only hope that our boys will grow up to be as wonderful as their daddy!  Happy Father's Day Kasey!  We love you!

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