Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So Many Of My Smiles Begin With YOU!

I have been meaning to jot down all of the reasons that Mr. Logan makes me smile for a while now. Unfortunately some of my favorite phrases ("How 'bout that sounds?") are long gone! This is an attempt to capture all the cuteness that is my boy and hold on to it just a bit longer! Hopefully it will make you smile as well!

1. Logan is a great date!
He is handsome just like his daddy. He enjoys getting dressed up for parties, although he isn't too big of a fan of jeans! He also tears it up on the dance floor.
The best part of the date is the snuggles at the end!

2. Logan is not afraid to be silly!
After finger painting one morning I told Logan that it was okay to paint his body since he was getting in the shower. He was so proud of himself as he posed in front of the mirror! We both thought it was a lot of fun! Last week, Grandma B. was watching Logan and cleaning up after dinner. She was pretty surprised when she turned around to find Logan finger painting his face rather than the paper! Guess I should have warned her...

3. Logan is such a big boy!
(This is kind of a love/hate thing for me because I really enjoy the times that he wants to be babied a little!)

Logan has learned how to dress and undress himself. He is very particular when it comes to the pajamas he picks out and the outfit he chooses for the following day. Upon deciding on the next day's wardrobe he usually states, "My fwiends will nove this!" This independence usually makes me smile, however, mama is NOT smiling at 3:00AM when he decides it is time for a pajama swap!

He also has become very independent in the bathroom. He typically tells me he needs to go, runs to the bathroom, flicks on the fan, slams the door, and tells me that he doesn't need my help. I think he may be watching someone very closely...

4. Logan is going to be such a great big brother!
I could go on and on about how Logan melts my heart when he talks about his brother. He puts stickers on my belly, kisses my belly, and talks to his brother through my belly button!

The other day when I was getting ready he asked, "How that baby get in there?" Luckily, I have a very scientific answer, "The doctor put him in there." Logan responded with, "Well, how that baby gettin' out?" Again, I have an easy answer, "You see that line? They just cut on that line and pull him out!" My sweet boy looked at me very concerned and asked, "Will it hurt?" I told him that with him I slept through it. He seemed satisfied. Looks like I avoided birds and bees at 3!

Yesterday I was wiping the table and it make some squeaking sounds. Grandma B. asked what the noise was and Logan promptly answered, "It was probably Chips talking."

5. Logan cares about others.
Everyday when I pick him up he asks, "How was your day at school? What your kids do?" It's moments like this that make me smile and make me realize that one day his wife will be smiling too!

There are also countless, "I nove you mommy"s that make this the best gig in the world! He asks me to lay with him.

He is concerned about my well-being. On Monday, Aunt Kathy came over to give me my weekly injection and Logan was so worried. He was sitting on the couch saying "No! Mommy!" He desperately tried not to watch.

He has a best pal, Lilly, who lives across the street. The other day there was a door-to-door salesman in the neighborhood. We were getting in the car to run and errand when Logan saw that the man was at Lilly's. He didn't want to get in the car because he was concerned that the man was going to take Lilly! Precious.

6. His song choices are classic!
Logan has always loved Jason Aldean because of "Big Green Tractor." That is an appropriate tune for a toddler to sing. His latest hit has Logan running around singing "A cold beer in the console." He also loves Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks" which has him singing, "Better run, better run, outrun my gun." Hmmm... And of course, there is the song that brings him to the dinner table saying "I'm sexy and I know it!" He also has a really great dance that goes with that one!

7. Logan is so smart!
He makes his kindergarten teacher mama and administrative daddy so proud! The child knows all of his letters and sounds. He asks about words. He knows beginning sounds of words. He can write letters. He loves books!! The following video is guaranteed to make you grin! We had readIt Looked Like Spilt Milk once or twice when he decided that he wanted to "read" it to us!
Everyday I find it hard to believe that Logan is already 3 1/2, wearing 4T clothing, and on the verge of preschool. It seems like just yesterday I was holding his 2 pound self on my chest and praying that everything would be okay. I am overwhelmed by just how wonderfully things have turned out.

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