Wednesday, February 29, 2012

21 weeks and counting

We had an appointment at the MFM (high-risk doctor) yesterday. It was great to see our baby boy again! He was opening and closing his mouth and moving all around! It
is stressful being high risk but I have to admit, I love all of the ultrasounds! Logan and G
randma B. were able to attend this scan.

The doctor pointed out all that all of his vital organs looked good. He measured a few days bigger than he should at this point but so did his big brother! He weighs 1 lb. 1 oz. right now. His kicks and pokes are getting bigger right along with him. Daddy even got to feel his first kick last night!

bottom of his feet

My placenta looks like it moved in the opposite direction of what we had hoped. It appears to be completely covering my cervix. This is a concern because if there is any bleeding I will need to go to the hospital and probably end up on bed rest. The concern is as the baby grows larger he will put more pressure on the placenta which could cause the bleeding. I was told no exercising and to take it easy for now. The doctor mentioned that they would probably schedule a c-section between 36 and 37 weeks. Hmm...according to my calculations that would be in about 15 weeks! Ahh!!

I have received 6 progesterone injections to help ward off

preterm labor. Only 13 more to go! So far they seem to be helping and I have not had any cervical changes. I think that once we cross the 28 week mark I will really begin to feel that we have a good chance at bringing this baby home with us!

Of course, I have to add a funny Logan story! He didn't seem to have much interest in watching his baby brother during the exam. As we were leaving B. was showing him the pictures we received. She was pointing out his face, eyes, mouth, and he said "Yep, and there's his feet and there's his penis!"
Legs and the ever popular boy part!

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