Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Springtime Fun

We were so lucky to enjoy a BEAUTIFUL Spring break. We had a week full of 80 degree weather! My mom spent the week with us, playing with Logan and helping prepare for Baby #2!

The first day of our break was rainy, so Logan spent some time with his books. I wish I could say he was reading but...
Logan has been really excited about his baby brother. He loves pulling up my shirt and talking to "Baby Chips!" He has been asking a lot about when his baby brother will be here and I keep reminding him that we want him to stay in as LONG as possible! We saw his first little fit of jealousy as I was going through baby clothes. Logan decided that any article of clothing with a vehicle on it was for him and he was determined to wear them. Here you can see him sporting a 3-6 month onsie! I have no idea how he wedged himself in it!
We spent a windy afternoon at the arboretum. We enjoyed looking at all of the early spring flowers. Logan loved leading his Gramma Jan through the wheat maze!
My mom and I took Logan to Crown Center one day to visit Kaleidoscope, have a picnic, and play in the fountains. Last year Logan was terrified and would not even attempt to go in the water. This year he was a WILD man! He loved it and kept going back for more!
He was shrieking and laughing the entire time. Tourists kept stopping just to watch him. He brought smiles to many faces that afternoon!
We were lucky enough to be visiting Crown Center as they were getting a shipment of some of the animals for the new aquarium. Logan got to see a really big helmet crab!
He also had lots of sloppy, wet hugs for Gramma Jan. Mommy, of course, would have nothing to do with those!
The last day of Gramma Jan's visit we went downtown to watch the St. Patrick's Day parade. Logan especially enjoyed the hamburger car and the potato car. Poor daddy spent the entire time looking for a place to park! Needless to say, I think next year we will find a parade that is a bit smaller!

In this picture I am wearing the same shirt I was wearing 9 years ago when Kasey first told me, "So what if I love you, who cares!" We have been through so much since then and I felt especially lucky this year to have 2 wonderful Weishaar boys love me...and one on the way!
Last Saturday, Logan started soccer! He plays on a "me & mini me" team. His favorite part was running up and down the field scoring goals! He just kept jumping and cheering every time the ball went in the net!
He did a pretty good job at the beginning listening to Coach Shawn but after a bit of follow the leader he was ready to get back to scoring goals!
He is looking forward to next Saturday when he can "just play soccer!"

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  1. Love it all! Hope he has more games after I get back!!