Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's a...

BOY!! He was a bit stubborn at first, since he was straddling his placenta, but eventually he showed the goods and the doctor is pretty positive we're having a boy! We are very excited about the fun that brothers will bring. Kasey has already predicted that there will be a lot of wrestling around our house.

I am happy to report that our baby boy is measuring exactly where he should be! He weighs about 7 oz. The doctor was very happy that I had started my weekly progesterone injections. The shots are really scary looking! The needle is about 2 inches long and the medicine is oil-based and very thick. Surprisingly the do not hurt a bit! My tush is just a bit sore a few days afterward.

The doctor measured my cervix and said that it is long, which is a good thing. I will go in every two weeks to ensure that there is no change in my cervical length. We will also have another growth scan in four weeks to make sure baby boy is growing appropriately. The baby's placenta is currently lying over my cervix. The doctor thinks as the pregnancy progresses it will move up and out of the way. However, it is something that they will be closely monitoring.
baby boy 17 weeks 4 days!

Logan hasn't said too much about "Chips" today. I think he is going to let it sink in for a bit. When I got home and asked him what kind of baby he wanted he said, "gurl." That was surprising since typically he says boy. I have enjoyed the minutes that Logan talks/slobbers to my belly, "Heno Chips! What you doin' in dere? Swimmin' awound?!" I look forward to all of the fun my boys will bring me!

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  1. Hey I found your blog! I feel a little stalker-ish but I loved reading about the story of your sweet growing family. Congrats! Your two boys will be such good buddies I'm sure! :) God is good!