Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's Great to be...3!

Where in the world has the time gone?! Family and friends keep saying things like, "He has gotten so tall," and "He looks like a little man!" As much as I hate to admit it Logan is another year older, bigger, and smarter! We visited the doctor yesterday and she informed us that Logan is now in the 75th percentile for both height and weight! I am so impressed with how well he has caught up to his peers, he is such a rockstar!

This month, Logan was lucky enough to be visited by two people he doesn't get to see very often; his Uncle Paul from Boston and his Uncle John from Maui. He had a blast playing with both of them! He also spent his birthday week with his Gramma and Papi from Rockford. He spent a lot of time outside playing, especially at the park across the street.

I am sure that those of you who were unable to the attend Monster Truck Bash are just dying to know how it went! Here is an overview of the day, September 10th, 2011!

Logan woke up to a breakfast of champions: pancakes and a cupcake!

His mom nagged him to get into his birthday shirt and pose in the laundry basket!

The cake was finished! White cake filled with dad's specialty, Oreo dirt cake, and topped with chocolate frosting and brownie "rocks".

Logan was excited to show off his truck bouncy house to all of his friends. Here is his new pal, Lilly, who lives across the street.

We took a brief intermission from bouncing to have some hot dogs, chips, and fruit salad (Logan had been bugging me for weeks to buy a watermelon for his birthday party!).

The kids, including the biggest kid Uncle John, headed back to the bouncy house to work off their lunches!

Then it was time for cake! Logan sang "Happy Birthday" to himself and just grinned and grinned when people said his name!

It took him a couple of tries but he blew out his candles.

Can you tell that Logan is thinking, "Can we get this picture over with so I can eat this cake and open my PRESENTS!!!"

Here he is after eating two bites of cake, dying to rip open those packages!

He was spoiled rotten by all of his friends! Our game closet is now full! He also got a cool new sleeping bag and camping chair, clothes, play-doh, the movie Rio, and cars of course!

His Grandma B. bought him a painting easel. He loves it! He could barely stand to wait for mom and dad to put it together!

After a much needed nap we headed to Chick-Fil-A for a "no work for mama" dinner. When we got home Logan opened up his presents from his parents. Here are Logan and Daddy playing with the new aircraft carrier. Everyday since the big day Logan has asked if there are any cards for him in the mailbox. I keep telling him that his birthday is done for this year, but every time I say it another package arrives! I am sending this kid mixed messages! In all seriousness, he is a very lucky boy to be so loved my so many wonderful people! Thank you for all of the kind birthday wishes!

P.S. He is already planning birthday #4: "I want a car birthday party next!"

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