Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Fun

Although it may not look like it from this picture, we have had a really fun fall! We kicked off the season by taking a trip to the Louisburg Cider Mill and pumpkin patch. We enjoyed a pancake breakfast with our neighbor friends, the Lunds.
Here is Logan with his pal Lilly on the hay ride. They couldn't get enough! They even ran down one that wasn't ours to get one more two minute ride in.
We successfully made it through the corn maze...
despite our miniature guides!
Logan tried to bring home a souvenir but we convinced him that all corn must stay in the maze.

The next day we ventured out the Worlds of Fun (think Six Flags Chicago folks). Logan was very brave and rode all of the rides that we put him on!
He especially liked these race cars. The went around a mini track and whipped you around the curves! He did not enjoy that his parents kept him there past dark when the "scary guys" come out. We have now scarred our child for good. He didn't even like seeing people in masks on Halloween...oops!
Logan also learned to ride a big boy bike! I can't even believe it. I feel like he just learned to ride his tricycle and now he is on a 2ish wheeler!
No Autumn would be complete without jumping in the leaves! Kasey got a great workout that morning!
We went to "Boo at the Zoo" in Topeka. Logan loved showing his Sid the Science Kid costume to all of the animals, especially the flamingos!
On Halloween Eve we invited the Lunds over for pumpkin carving. Logan and Lilly worked very hard drawing the faces.
Once they decided that they had worked hard enough they decided it was time for a dance party!
Here are the finished products!
On Halloween night B came to enjoy the festivities. Thank goodness because we had our 3rd emergency Sid wig stitching!
Logan was very proud of all of his treats! After every house he would run up to me, show me his latest pick, and then say "let's go to the next house!"
Eventually we met up with our favorite K-State cheerleader!
Daddy even got into the Halloween spirit.
After a tough night of trick-or-treating the kids enjoyed a nice ride home in the wagon.
Logan, being the planner that he is, had to sort his treat bucket a few times before he went to bed! What a character! Hope that you are enjoying the season as much as we are!

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  1. Hi! Was wondering what the Sid the science kid wig is made out of???