Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh the Places You'll Go!

Over the last couple of months you may have found yourself wondering, "What are those fun and exciting Weishaars up to?" Only to find out that we have been stuck in May at March for Babies (thank you Lori for pointing this out!). There are a couple of reasons for this: 1. We have had a busy, nomadic summer, traveling around to various family and friends' houses. 2. Our camera USB was packed safely in a large POD waiting for our new home. So hear is a GREAT, BIG Weishaar update! I hope you enjoy! Before Logan was born I spent summers working. It just felt right to be busy. After going back to work this year, summer has taken on a whole new meaning. I have gotten to spend everyday watching my miracle baby turn into a big kid. The last couple of months have been filled with many firsts for our guy. He is talking so big and has become quite hilarious! Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from LJ.
(On our way to the library) "Books and MOVIES? You kiddin' me!"
(During bedtime songs he has a new favorite substitution) "Night, night, UNDERWEAR!" along with "I've been working on the UNDERWEAR." Followed by fits of giggles!

The first leg of our journey was to Grandma B.'s house. She graciously let us move into her basement for our summer home base. Logan and I visited the Topeka Zoo where I got to meet his favorite animals, the "mingos."

This Father's Day Logan had his first golfing experience. Thankfully the course was pretty empty so he had free reign to throw his ball in whatever hole or water he wanted to! By the end he had pretty good control of the club.

Did I forget to mention that Logan is POTTY TRAINED! He has been a champ! A week after school ended I decided to take the plunge and he did really well. No more diapers for this kid!

The second leg of our journey brought us to Sachse, Texas, just outside of Dallas to meet the beautiful Baby Ava. She is the daughter of Godfather Matt and his incredible wife, Brandy. Logan just loved to hold Miss Ava, tickle her feet, and give her smooches! Logan also had a blast wrestling, shooting Nerf guns, and playing air hockey with Uncle Matt. We enjoyed catching up with our friends and finally making it to Texas after lots of talk!

After we returned from Texas Grandma Jan and Papooli came for a visit! It was so good to see them! I am not so sure they enjoyed the Kansas heat and humidity but they sure did love seeing their boy!

There visit just so happened to fall on Royals v. Cubs weekend, coincidence? We braved the heat, had a picnic in the parking lot, and watched the Cubbies blow it!

Being further away from my parents and not seeing them as much makes moments like this melt my heart! My dad does not smile in pictures and look at him here, just loving being that wild man's grandpa!

After the game the kids were invited to run the bases. Logan had so much fun that he threw a monster fit and wanted to do it again!

After the baseball outing we opted for a cooler adventure. We took Logan to his first movie, Rango. He did pretty well and sat still for most of it, until he finished off the popcorn! Since that he has also seen Cars 2.

We also took Grandma Jan and Papi to Kaleidoscope. Logan had fun creating masterpieces but did not want to play in the fountain outside of Crown Center.

The third leg of our journey took us back home to Chicago. We had a family barbecue for the Fourth of July. We were even surprised to have my brother, Zach and his wife home from Georgia!

Logan got to spend quality time with his second cousin, Brooke. They were up to their old tricks in no time! Here they are speeding through the field behind my parents house. They also hijacked the neighbor boy's powerwheels gator and went joy riding until they ran out the battery!

On the Fourth we went to the Rockford Riverhawks game. The last time we did this Logan was growing in my belly! Uncle Zach taught Logan how to eat sunflower seeds and even got him on the big screen with the team's mascot!

After spending time at my parents' we headed to the city to spend time with friends. We took Logan to Lincoln Park Zoo and were promptly reminded how nice it is to live in a place where parking is usually free and a spot can be found in less than 45 minutes!

We stayed with the newly married Zimmermans! Logan had so much fun with Suzanne, watering plants, taking photography lessons, and playing with their dog Griffin.

One night Logan got to stay with his friend Lukas and his nanny while the grown ups went to dinner. We came home to find them in matching jammies! They were so cute! Logan always is very excited to but these pjs on because they remind him of his pal!

No visit home would be complete without a stop to see the Pellings! We took the kids to a fountain in downtown LaGrange where we told them it was okay to put their feet in. Before we knew it they were full on diving, jumping, and splashing! Luckily no one was arrested, we did however get some pretty strange looks!

We also visited our former neighbors the Davinis. Logan had a great time playing with Anthony and all of his cool toys! We met this family when the boys were both babies. It was so neat to see how much they have grown. We are waiting to hear when they are going to come visit KS...

Before heading back to Kansas we made one last stop at my parents to gather ourselves and say goodbye. When we arrived back in Kansas we got to spend time having fun with Logan's cousin Grace who was visiting from Washington!Our final trip took us to Cuba, MO to spend the weekend with the Pelling family. My friend Lori's parents invited us all to crash at their lake house for a midway vacation. When we lived in Illinois we would see the Pellings at least once a week. Needless to say, being in Kansas has led to some withdrawal issues! It was so nice to spend quality time with one of my dearest friends while our kids played.

As soon as we arrived Logan asked to go in the "nake."

Our timid boy threw caution to the wind as he climbed aboard the "Big Mable." He smiled as he was drug behind the speed boat!

Of course he was all about driving the jet ski! Kasey said he would try to talk to him and he would just ignore him and concentrate on his driving!

Papaw Bill dubbed him Captain Logan. This was the perfect way to end his trip to the "nake!"

We have happily settled into our new home. We have been spent endless hours painting, rearranging furniture, and hanging pictures to make it ours. The neighborhood pool has been such a blessing during these triple digit days! I will post pictures in a blog post in the next couple of weeks.

Today Kasey returned to work and I headed to school to continue setting up my classroom for the upcoming year. Summer is coming to a close. I feel very fortunate to have filled my summer with many of my loved ones, creating wonderful memories.

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