Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Easton!!

 YOU!!! (Easton's way of saying peek-a-boo!)
 Look who's TWO!

 We had a beautiful day to celebrate Easton's 2nd birthday!  The birthday boy was very excited about the decor and outside events!  He kept walking around the house pointing out "A homewun, a football, a soccer, a bacgal (basketball!), a football field," etc.

 Grandma B. made the most adorable baseball cake and cupcakes!  Easton was so pumped!

 He was very excited to hand out his party favors and was thrilled when there were a few leftovers.

 The kiddos and Brett had a great time in the bounce house filled with inflatable balls.  At one point the kids were bopping each other with an inflatable bat!

 The backyard was filled with sports galore!  We had soccer, baseball, basketball, and football all represented!
 On the menu were hot dogs of course!  There was also Kasey cheese and basketball oranges!

 E was tickled to hear everyone sing him "Happy Birthday!"  He even blew out his candle with a little help from daddy.

 He had a lot of help opening his presents and was very kind to share.  After every package he opened he said a loud, "thank you!"  Too precious!
 He even got a brand new Easton t-ball bat, thanks B!

 I just love our neighborhood crew!  The kids had such a great time staying up past their bedtimes playing.

 Easton also received a new tennis set, he is pumped to try out a new sport!

On his actual birthday he had a picnic lunch at the park with Miss Tracy and the gang.  We had his favorite for dinner, macaroni and cheese and hot dogs!  He opened his present from mommy, daddy, and Logan.  His very own basketball hoop for his room!  We saved Auntie Lauren's present too, a golf set!
 We spent all evening in the backyard doing what E loves best, playing sport,

 after sport, 
 after sport!

 We finished off the night with more cupcakes and ice cream.  I don't think he has stopped sing "happy birthday" since (followed by the cutest little blow!).

This little man has brought so many smiles, laughter, and joy to our lives!  E will often fill a silent car with his knock-knock joke:
knock, knock
who's there?
banana who?
He finds it wildly hilarious and his laughter is contagious!  His favorite songs are "ballgame" (take me out to the ball game) and "blink-blink" (wheels on the bus).  He loves his wa-wa so much and has even started calling him Logan.  My favorite part of our day is when he falls asleep on me at nap time.  He is so sweet and it reminds me that even though he is a big, ornery two-year-old, he is still my baby boy!

We recently went to his two year developmental check up to see if there were any residual effects from his prematurity.  As was expected, he is perfect in all areas!  He is in the 50-75th percentile for both height and weight (30 lbs).  His head is in the 90th percentile to house that smart brain of his!  We are beyond blessed to have such a healthy, funny, and snugly little monkey!

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  1. Oh! Yummy! The cake and cupcakes look delicious. Can you also write down the recipe for it? it is my nephew’s birthday next week and we are celebrating it one of the beautiful Chicago venues. I have never baked a cake but I would love to surprise him that day.