Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Final Month of Summer

Another month has flown by!  Logan and Easton are becoming such good pals!  Logan is very good to his little brother and quickly informs us with a loud "He's cwyin'" at any little sound he makes!  
Logan helps with Easton in the bath.  Luckily Easton has stayed afloat despite his big brother's attempts to qualify for the next Olympics.

 Easton is pretty impressed by his big bro.  He watches every move he makes.  The other day when Logan was holding him he actually fell asleep in his arms!
Despite my best efforts, Logan is officially growing up.  He had a blast getting all of his school supplies and his super cool baseball backpack from B.  He got a post card from his teacher and asked to have it read to him at least 15 times!  He is SO incredibly excited to be in Mrs. Wells' class starting on TUESDAY (sniff)!

 Easton has just been busy growing!  He's acquired a cute double chin to match the rolls that appeared on his upper thighs!  We also started him on some reflux meds to hopefully make him more comfortable.  Poor guy spends most of his awake time spitting up and screaming with his hoarse voice.  Mama has made plenty of phone calls to the doctor's office, in fact, I plan on calling them again tomorrow!

Our baby E has gotten so big that he actually fits in all of the wonderful cloth diapers that he has!  My washing machine and I have bonded a lot lately!  

Isn't he just too stinkin' cute!?!  

 This month we finally have more than a sleepy smile...
we have an awake smile too!  He gives us lots of gummy grins while he's laying on his changing table kicking it up!  I just love seeing those sweet lips turn upward!

Logan had a blast playing with some of our "neighborhood club" friends at Jude's birthday party!  I cannot believe that in less than a month Logan will be joining his pal in the four-year-old club!

 Easton is now three months old!  We still get plenty of looks when we tell strangers his age but he's catching up every day!  Just look at how much more of the basket he fills up!

 Unlike his big brother Easton loves relaxing in his swing.

Last Tuesday I spent my the final day of my summer vacation taking the boys to the "big park."  I had one of those moments when I realized how extremely blessed I am.  I was pushing my new baby in his stroller, listening as my soon-to-be preschooler giggled and shrieked as he rode his bike through all of the sprinklers.  I am a mama to two healthy boys.  I have the opportunity to work half time in order to cherish these boys while they are young.  I am incredibly lucky.

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